SC5000M announcement


Check Pricespy

I can see brand new unit for £1199/€1368 (dealer special)

Bought my pair for £2648 November 2017


Recommended retail price was €1799 over here from the start, but what’s your point in all this?

Anyway, replace Pioneer with Apple and your good to go.


The point is the players not holding their value well, also in light of the ‘new’ players. Would gladly pay the full price with everything working and long term value stability.

Sure, Pioneer completely failed to innovate (which Apple still does). That’s why I bought the Denons.


That’s because Pioneers are everywhere in the market. They hold value because of that and Pioneer can ask whatever price they see fit. Just like Apple does.

And don’t get me wrong, I have bought the iPhone X, so I’m not a Samsung fanboy. Let’s be honest, the iPhone is not so innovative anymore and lacks stuff already on other smartphones. Still people buy them blindly.

All this will be interesting. Pioneer needs to come up with a similar unit as the SC, but they cannot ask the premium price anymore, which is good for the consumer. Or perhaps the marketing will do a good job and everybody dives in at $3000 (CDJ-3000)…