-= NEW Firmware for SC5000 (1.0.2) and X1800 Mixer (1.1) =-


I’m a mobile/Wedding DJ also, so have a large library of tunes which I could be asked to play at any gig that I attend. I fully understand that when we wear our “mobile DJ” hat, we can’t simply export just a part of our collection and take only that to a gig.

OK, the whole 2.4gb size thing…

Lets say that “Tony” has 80,000 Tracks - and they’re using up 1.5 TB of storage on a 2TB drive.

If Tony sets Engine Prime to “Auto analyse: ON” then everytime Engine Prime is opened up it will look for unanalysed music files on that 2TB drive and will store a few hundred bytes of info, about EACH file it analyses, with its BPM data, Waveform, Music Key etc. Those small amounts of data about each file are stored in the Analysed Music Database.

All those little amounts of data in the Music database all add up. By the time it’s analysed over 10,000 - 12,000 tracks, the music database could be around 2.4gb and that’s largest database size the players will -------currently-------- share over the network.

Now, I know that as a mobile/wedding DJ, I’ll typically play 15 songs per hour, so around 75 tracks in an evening and maybe 200 tracks in a full days celebration. Of course, different gigs need different songs… some songs are the same at many weddings (the popular party/dance ones), but some songs in my collection will be album fillers etc, files which are good to have, but will rarely get played, and even more rarely mixed or sliced/rolled - meaning that I won’t need my entire collection fully analysed - and of course… any song that I do pull up at any event, the SC5000 will fully analyse it, in seconds, whilst it’s cued or playing anyway…

So, I deleted my database file off of the drive, switch Auto Analyse: off in Engine Prime and now all my players can see/find all my 70,000 tracks.

A future revision of firmware may well negate the 2.4gb database share/size thing altogether.


Which version of Windows are you running?


That’s pretty much right, yes


This is a great explanation of how to handle currently, VERY large song collections - thanks @Gee_DenonDJ As also stated, further improvements for sharing large databases are in the pipeline


hi just installed the firmware update on my 2 sc5000’s all is good except that when i insert my usb3 stick , the remote deck is read only . thats what the screen says ,i have to confirm it to go further but nothing happens except for a circle next to the name of the usb stick. the deck the usb is inserted works just fine this is very strange , anyone ??


What format is the USB stick in ? Eg: ex-fat , fat32 etc ?


ex fat mbr formatted on a mac used to work just fine before nothing is changed except the firmware update tried all usb ports on all decks -->no change


which USB port is the stick plugged into e.g.: Left player - front USB port… or Right player - top rear USB port.

Also, how are the two units connected to each other on the network - a direct connection single network cable from one player to the other, or are you networking them via an X1800 mixer ?


I’m using windows 7. The players can’t be found by the laptop.

To everyone many thanx for the great help


as i said in my previous post tried it on all usb ports on the 2 players , all the same result i link the two players together via direct connection cable , i do NOT own a X1800 thnx for the swift reply’s


Hey Edge,

Sorry for the troubles. We are working on a solution for you right now. Hang tight!


Hey Edge,

I just had the team add the Windows driver to the SC5000 Product page. I linked the driver below for convenience.

SC5000 Windows Driver

Please install the driver, restart your machine, and try the update again.

BTW do you know if you are on 32 or 64 bit version of Windows 7?


Hi Edge,

After further investigation I found that the driver above is not supported on Windows 7. Unfortunately, the Prime Series products are not officially supported on that OS. While they may work, we cannot officially support them. Do you have another computer you could use for updating?


ok got it working again wiped the drive clean re-formatted and filled it up again did the trick all is working again now hope it stays this way tough


Hey Jason

thanx for the quick response. I really do have faith that everything becomes perfect for me.

When using another computer for the update, do I need to install the update for the x1800 on the other computer as well? Or can I just do the update steps for the sc5000?

Many thnx


Hey Edge,

No problem! Your X1800 should be good to go so you just need to update the SC5000. That updates takes less than 5 mins.


Same with me The capabilities of the Prime Series are awesome, but I would love to be able to still maintain my Traktor workflow and to have the choice of using both.


@Jason_DenonDJ Thank you so much for these very useful instructions! You also saved my life since I updated the USB Audio Interface once and thought it worked that I could continue with the update - but it didn’t work :+1: :smiley: Great support :slight_smile: I love my new Denon DJ Prime Set Up and now it works just fine again and it is even better with the new firmware update. Yay :star_struck:


Awesome!! Happy to hear you are up and running with the update. Enjoy! :smile:


Hey Jason and the rest of this forum

I used a different computer to update the sc5000’s and it’s all working fine. I had a great party last night with the updated players and mixer :heart_eyes: :wink:. Many thanx for the super great support. Denon really cares about his customers. A real example on how it always should be!!!