-= NEW Firmware for SC5000 (1.0.2) and X1800 Mixer (1.1) =-


Thats a great solution- I have been trying to figure out how to take my mobile DJ music collection with me to certain gigs within this 10,000 track limit (I currently use a section of USB drives which I would swap between, but your solution is much more elegant and efficient.) Where is the database located on the drive for me to delete, or do I have to build crates etc again? Is there anyway to analyse a crate/playlist alone, so my collection of songs that I use frequently will be analysed before the gig and will load to the player pre analysed and just the rare stuff is unanalysed (I know that within a few gigs these songs will become analysed, but it would be good if I could pre analyse favourites and not do it one by one on engine prime or on the payer at a gig?)


Ok I’ve got everything updated on my sc5000 and x1800, so now we just have to wait for serato to update serato dj so I can use my crates sc5000 x1800 as well as my denon turntables?


I’m going to do something like this too I think. As for your favourites, if you have them in a separate crate or playlist - just right click and you have the option to analyse them.


Glee this is amazing! I need some clarification

Where is the database located on the internal or external drive or both? Can you still search for songs on the sc5000 ie my song files are listed as artist (Name_song title.mp3)???


All songs are fully searchable, even the non-analyzed ones :slight_smile:


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Hey Phil,

The database is located in a folder called Engine Library It will be located in the root folder of your external drive(s) and in your Music folder of your PC/Mac


Gee I am looking at the Engine folder I can’t see which one to delete what is it called??? What is the name of the folder or the File to delete???


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Hi Gee, still looking for an answer to this? what is the database file name??? I see: m.db m.db-journal p.db p.db-journal sm.db sm.db-journal sp.db sp.db-journal

There is also a sub folder called Music engine file structure


Is there a means to update using just a flash drive on the SC5000s?


Not at the moment.


Thought there was a new update when I saw this topic highlighted. Evil :joy:


Ha - me too! Was like “Awesome, can’t wait to see what’s new…”…in September 2017 :joy:


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