-= NEW Firmware for SC5000 (1.0.2) and X1800 Mixer (1.1) =-


My bad, you’ll have to excuse my enthusiasm. As someone who has spent the past 18 years in the ecosystems of Technics and Pio–I’m not use to receiving updates that actually add such significant features. :joy:


Awesome!! Happy to hear you’re up and running!

I hope you enjoy the updates we’ve been working on in these builds.

Oh, and we love you too! Happy mixing! :slight_smile:


Ok I really don’t like to say it but trying to update the sc5000 players gives an error :disappointed_relieved:

I get a red triangle with the message:

There was an error updating your device.


Great news quite some fixes and additions.

but no fix for sharing the songs from 1 source when the database is >2.4 gig or is this something that should/will be fixed with the Engine software?


That’s still a firmware adjustment, rather than an Engine adjustment. Just not this firmware release.

Enjoy all the other new features in the meantime.


that’s what I expected


That’s pretty weird (rrrraaarrr). Are the USB ports of the laptop even okay? Could be a USB-chip brand issue, like in the early days to better use Intel than NEC or VIA. Do you have another computer to try the update?

Or perhaps the Denon staff can confirm if Windows7 could be giving problems?


I think it’s a Windows 7 problem cause my laptop can 't Find the driver of the sc5000. When i plug in the player or can 't be found. Where can i find drivers for windows 7 for the player?


When can we expect instant double?


I hope so too, it was said before in a thread that the players were designed as standalone system not for controlling a software, but I prefer all in one solutions so Traktor support would be one point for me to jump over to denon.


OK, got into controller mode last night, got Engine Prime to recognise the X1800 as it’s sound source, just not to control the decks. Should Engine Prime be plugged into the controller instead as the source, or is it that the software now needs an update to work as the library for the Primes?


That feature suggestion isn’t part of this firmware update.


So is this for Serato to access the players then? Happy with that tbf if it is.


Yes, but not just for Serato. Other performance DJ software companies may choose to benefit from SC5000 communication also.


So if I understand correctly, with this firmware the sc5000 are ready for the new update that will support SERATODJ to work with them?


Replace SERATODJ with “any self respecting dj software” :wink: Don’t think RecordboxDJ will be supported any time soon, but who knows…


Hi Just updated my X1800 and my 4 SC5000. Can anyone explain what is controller mode? and what that does if it does anything.


Tried everything but don’t get my sc5000 to update. Windows can’t find the sc5000 players. Like in the pictures above.

Despite the update problems I really love the players and the mixer.

At this point I think I’m not going to update the sc5000’s


Hi Phil - I’ll reply here to your Facebook questions and post above, here.

Controller mode: The SC5000 will now communicate with suitably revised DJ software and will serve as a controller for manipulating music tracks in those softwares. When Serato release their updated version, it will talk with the SC5000.

Further improvements for working with larger libraries will be in a future firmware release. Currently there is no hard, exact 10,000 track limit on database. I’m currently taking out a library of almost 70,000 tracks and they’re all working fine on all connected decks. There’s a 2.4gb max on the “Analysed database” being shared, so I’ve switched off the Auto Analyse and let the SC5000 analyse the tracks internally only when I load them - this keeps the database size easily within the current 2.4gb database size.


Gee, Thanks…Will Engine Prime connect to the SC5000? I am a mobile DJ and have a vast selection of songs, It is hard for me to play requests and I constantly have to go back to my laptop and download a song to USB and transfer it to the SC5000, very nerve racking.

I don’t understand what you are saying by the 2.4gb max? All of my songs are pre-analysed in Engine. If I put a SDD or HDD (1TB) the software on the SC5000 will hang…