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I was hoping for prime be compatible with MCX8000 but that’s not going to happen, right ?


Your hope is fine - It’s been mentioned many times that Engine Prime will have an option or feature or menu or something for saving the data in a format that MCX8000 can read.

Of course a £900 all-in-one-combo 2 decks and a mixer isn’t going to be able to offer the same processing power as a single £1500 multicore processor unit. no amount of clever programming or firmware is going to turn a very very nice car into a Porsche. But saving an mcx data format from Engine Prime is what they’ve said they re onto


I hope you’re right. Anything is better than Engine 1.5 :slight_smile:


You’re most of the way there Jetsound, and accurate, thanks… I can add that the wait will be worth it and just assure all that our team ‘is’ working hard on this.


Sounds assuring. While having you here Paul, not to pick your eyes, but did you not try Engine 1.5.2 yourselves in your team prior releasing it? It’s a mystery to me how anybody could release such an unstable “application” which crashes constantly, and I mean constantly.

Let’s hope for the best with an update of prime supporting at least to add the basic functionality to tracks for stand-alone use in the MCX8000, so we can begin to use the unit as it was built for.


The important thing to remember is that Microsoft is to blame - they took away certain files from the Windows 10 operating system files. Some of those files were ones which old Engine 1.5 was reliant on to run.

I have Engine 1.5 running fine on a laptop which I’ve locked onto Windows 7 and I never let it update. Engine 1.5.2 runs fine of that too.

It’s almost unbelivable that both Apple and Microsoft think its fine to make fundamental changes to their OSs and think its ok.


I’ve tried on several machines incl W7 with the same disasterous results. This app is simply not finished. If the app were so OS sensitive why are there no updates at all pushed out from Denon? They clearly does not put any dev resources on Engine 1.5 which I hope is because Prime will support MCX instead which IMO should be the best solution.


I think it’s a safe assumption that they figure the way forward is not to keep developing a platform that has been around for a long time. So, bring on the new Engine MCX!


DHow long am I going to be waiting though. That’s my main concern. You could keep saying the wait will be worth it and it may be, just in 6 months. That doesn’t do me very much good. An estimate would be nice.


Waiting is so hard… Can you give use some information about when it’s coming Denon? I know that you’re probably hard at work right now but I want to start using Engine Prime…


It’s been covered and explained since, in addition to that statement, that a forthcoming release of Engine Prime will save an MCX8000 version of the users database.

Not all of the Prime features and functionality will be supported in the MCX8000 version of the database, as there’s clearly a processing power gap between the SC5000 Prime units and anything else “out there” from any manufacturer.


Well put. I think its all most of us want. Being kept in the dark as to what stage development is at is very frustrating. Maybe somebody from Denon can give some kind of indication as to when an update might happen. Its the least they can do.


Sure. To clarify a couple of different points. There was, several years ago in the past, various old versions of Engine, which periodically got enhanced, version by version over several years to Engine 1.5 which covered MCX8000 database requirements.

That old Engine 1.5 program itself, will not be worked upon or upgraded.

Engine Prime has been written far more recently, using a much more current platform, taking modern programming processes and modern Desktop/laptop capabilities into account. Whilst some of Engine Primes features will only benefit the new Prime hardware, a forthcoming version of Engine Prime will be able to write/save the music library / database in the MCX8000 format.

Work on the MCX saving option has progressed very well. Tthere will be no prior announcement of availability date, instead, as soon as the version of Engine Prime which encompasses the MCX is ready, its download link will be announced here on the Denon DJ forum.


Many thanks for the prompt reply Gee. I look forward to this update and the clarification of the fact that it will not be an update of Engine 1.5 but rather an integration into the Engine Prime software. I have just one other question. Will we see an ethernet connection like pro link on the sc2900/3900 to our computer libraries.It was a great feature, It would make track search and life a lot easier. Many Thanks


quote… We want to reassure our loyal and invested Denon DJ MCX8000 users that we are absolutely continuing to support this product. ‘Engine’ desktop software is currently being updated by our Development Team to incorporate DJ performance features, plus music-management workflow capabilities of ‘Engine Prime’. This will ensure our MCX8000 users have an even more enhanced creative, and standalone workflow on their MCX8000.

Paul Dakeyne – Brand Manager (Denon DJ)

Jan.27th 2017


January 27th 2017 … Today, July 28th 2017 … Any news yet ?

Feels like watching the news and here the politicians speak :wink:


A forum search would have led you to a confirmation from as recently as the last couple of days.

"A forthcoming version of Engine Prime will allow the saving of their Engine Prime library in an MCX format.

Obviously not all features of the quad core SC5000 Prime players will be within the capabilities of the MCX8000 player/mixer/player combo but for those who’s operating systems are now missing QuickTime (and related support files) or who had some other issues with running Engine 1.x, will be able to utilise Engine Prime."

So, the existing Engine 1.5 for the MCX won’t become 1.51 or 1.52 or 1.6 etc, instead, the recently released, new for 2017, Engine Prime software forthcoming update will incorporate an option to save the user library/database etc in an MCX8000 format.

There won’t be a countdown or “Download to XXth August 2017” type headline as Betatesting results could still reveal something which needs enhancing, which could affect any such date. However when the forthcoming version of Engine Prime, with MCX save option is readyvfor download, it will be mentioned here on this forum, first.


so it will be an update of engine 1.5 not new software?


The MCX8000 will be covered by a forthcoming version of the recently released Engine Prime software. That version, and subsequent versions, of Engine Prime will allow the Library to be saved in MCX8000 format for the MCX to use.

There won’t be an Engine 1.6 or Engine 1.7 etc to follow 1.5 as it would be to diverse to keep two pieces of software, doing essentially the same thing, when the more modern of the two programs will facilitate both MCX and Prime units alike.


I guess we are all anxious to know when “forthcoming” will be. In no small measure because a lot of people have problems with the current software which hampers them to reach the full potential of what is -in essence- a great controller which comes at a premium price.

I get that Denon never releases release-dates (see what I did there? LOL), but it HAS been a long time since MCX8000 owners had some TLC to help bring their “babies” up to snuff.


Nope @RabidRabbit

  1. Engine 1.5 is not going to be updated.

  2. Engine Prime will be updated to allow users to use it for MCX8000

  3. Engine 1.5 and Engine Prime are two different software.