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I bought the MCX8000 at the BPM DJ show in 2016, wanting a controller I could use without a laptop, mainly as a back up if Serato failed.

Until this weekend I’ve never had to use Engine during a gig, but for the first time Serato crashed mid-set. A quick flick of a switch and standalone mode kicked in perfectly and saved my ass.

However with just a few improvements, Engine could be used as a primary rather than a backup:

  • Improved stability especially importing tracks.
  • Multiple loops, not just 1.
  • Import beat-grids and loops, not just hot cues, from Serato.
  • Naming of hot cues and loops.
  • Extra FX’s would be nice to have.

What I find disappointing is the lack of updates,either news or otherwise. With Prime now being launched, I’m expecting some good news for MCX owners soon :slight_smile:

When I bought the MCX, it was because I was happy with it’s current feature set. With improved stability and a couple of extra tweaks it can be a superb controller…


100% agreed with you, the MCX8000 is an amazing device and I love it! And yes, improved stability and some minor tweaks could make it even better than it already is. Right now it’s going to be a waiting game and we are going to have to see what Denon is going to do in the next few weeks. I really hope that we get some news in the next few weeks about MCX compatibility with Engine Prime + I hope to see a firmware update for the MCX8000, it’s been like a 6 months since the last update came out for the device and there are still some bugs to iron out.


Great review of the Prime Series

Hopefully some of the Engine Prime features will be available for MCX8000 users soon because I have spent a day prepping for the arrival of my one in Engine 1.5 and it’s one of the worst pieces of software I have ever used. It’s crashed three times so far this morning during analyzing my library of 4000 songs which is ridiculous. It will take me weeks at this rate.

I have also had to convert 121 tracks from 48k to 44.1k and I never even knew there was a difference until Engine wouldn’t load them. Every other piece of software I have just plays them so what’s the issue with Engine here?


There’s a world of difference between Prime and MCX. MCX is locked to 44.1khz tracks and so the Engine 1.5 for MCX advises users of tracks which are not 44.1khz. Prime, not surprisingly will play a multitude of sample rates, file types etc.

As has been mentioned several times previously, now that the initial version of Engine Prime for the Prime unit has been released, progress will continue to allow Engine Prime to be able to be able to export a database in an MCX format which MCX units will be able to read.


All I want is a version of engine on a PC that I can use like serato with my mcx8000. all the same features, or optimized new ideas for the pads and stuff, and the ability to export to a usb drive that I can run on a new updated (with adjustable beatgrids) standalone firmware.


Are we close to Engine Prime being available for the MCX 8000?


Hello, no, they will add prime functions to prime 1.5 for the mcx series in the upcoming update


Can we get a rough estimate of when this update will happen?


There won’t be an xx days or x days type countdown or guesstimate of the release.

Quite simply, as each enhanced version of Engine Prime (or firmware for that matter) is completed, beta-tested, signed off etc, a new thread, advising of the new version, with a download link etc, will be created on this forum.


So we will be stuck with the unreliable core of 1.5? It is not even the features I miss, even though it is nice to have them of course, but speed and stability.


No. Let’s nip this in the bid early.

The poster “Icepainted” above was incorrect in their assumptions/guesses about Engine/Engine Prime.


Ah, my bad … thought this was a Denon DJ response.


I would think that it’d be easier for Denon to make Engine Prime MCX8000 compatible. 1 piece of software that works with multiple pieces of hardware (never been done before right? jk). It doesn’t seem to difficult either. as a programmer, I can attest to the ease of writing compatibility in. the firmware update is a different story and that’s probably what they’re working on and waiting to release with the support of mcx8000 on prime. IDK tho. all speculation. Just getting tired of waiting lol. I have an mcx8000 and I can really see the potential it COULD have when paired with prime software.


Seems logic. On the pio side there’s also one software for all devices (players and controllers).


‘Engine’ desktop software is currently being updated by our Development Team to incorporate DJ performance features, plus music-management workflow capabilities of ‘Engine Prime’. Paul Dakeyne – Brand Manager (Denon DJ) Jan.27th 2017

I think that Denon might consider updating their statement because this is the last official one and it matches what user “Icepainted” said.


To clarify why "Icepainted"s comments were incorrect. “Icepainted” had said “They will add Prime functions to 1.5”

That is incorrect. A forthcoming version of Engine Prime, will have some functions supported for MCX8000.


A common misnomer. Some Pioneer users advise me that whilst Pioneer units made AFTER the adoption of Rekordbox/Mixvibes Cross, by Pioneer are compatible with it, it’s not the case that ALL Pioneer media players work with their Rekordbox. DMP-555 and MEP7000 units for example dont appear to be compatible.


Any idea when Engine Prime will support MCX 8000???


I think the times are ripe to release Engine PRIME compatible with MCX8000. It’s really several months that we do not have support for our product. The bugs are there and you know it. It would seem that your attention and energy is only for SC5000, We feel neglected…


Please do not feel neglected. The development process takes time and we have our team working on improving the Engine 1.5/MCX8000 experience right now. As soon as we have finished these improvements and have them fully tested for release candidate, we will announce availability.