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From what I’m seeing, since January there’s been multiple assurances saying that Engine Prime updates will forthcoming soon (It’s now August and still nothing). Tonight I tried several times with two different USB sticks to get them to work. When I plugged in my properly formatted Exfat sticks into my 8000 I got the “Unsupported Format” error every time. Believe me, I followed the instructions to the letter! I even tried formatting using both PC and Mac with no change. I’m within 30 days of purchasing my 8000 so I’ll return it and revisit purchasing it again if/when Denon releases a version of Engine Prime that properly supports the 8000.


Analyzed in Engine 1.5 beforehand? With mp3 files?


Depending on when/where that message appears, it could be referring to some of the individual files themselves, like if some of the files are not 44.1khz sample rate, rather than the format of the Pendrive being questioned.


CORRECTION: "UNSUPPORTED VOLUME" This is the message appearing on the MCX 8000 screen when plugging my ExFat/Engine 1.5 prepared USB drive. I tried with two different USB drives (one that I successfully used in the past week with the 8000).

  • Both are 64GB
  • Formatted as ExFat (trying both Mac & PC)
  • Created Playlist in Engine 1.5
  • Imported Serato Crates per instructions
  • Attempted 3 times with each USB


Can you take a screenshot of your MCX8000 screen showing this and upload? Please advise your firmware version on the unit, your laptop OS and Serato DJ version - thanks


Try downloading GUIformat Its a small program for formatting USB sticks to Fat 32. It worked for me.


My specs: (Note: I’m not authorized through the forum to upload pics)

  • Engine 1.5.2
  • MCX8000 Firmware version 0164
  • Serato 1.9.6
  • MacBook Pro 15-inch Mid 2012
  • 2.3 Ghz Intel Core i7
  • 8 GB
  • macOS Sierra 10.12.6


Yes … my first suggestion would be to try with a FAT32 formatted stick.

Update: Just re-formatted a stick I have used successfully on my MCX8000 in FAT32 format to ExFat. Put the same playlist I had on there back from within Engine 1.5. Stuck the stick back into the MCX8000 and got … “Unsupported Volume”.

So in conclusion: Do NOT use ExFAT, but FAT32 for formatting sticks/drives for use with MCX8000.


MS-DOS (FAT32) is correct. Did some troubleshooting and found out just after I posted my specs (Thanks). It worked fine…until I attempted to add more music to my USB.

Not going to get into all of the details, but at a high level: I keep my music on external hard drives. Engine crashes if I open it with the external hard drive attached.

What I do: 1 - Load music from my external hard drive onto the USB stick using Serato DJ (Copy Playlist) 2 - Eject my external hard drive 3 - Open Engine 4 - Create Playlist in Engine 5 - Drag songs from Serato DJ to newly created playlist on Engine 6 - Create Playlist on USB Stick via Engine 7 - Drag songs from Engine Playlist to USB/Engine Playlist 8 - Close engine **All work well at that point.

Later I’ll go back to Serato DJ and add additional tracks to the USB stick (steps 1 & 2 above). At step 3 Engine crashes. I even try deleting the newly added files from the USB stick and still Engine crashes on open.

Can’t understand it. So I’m currently using the MCX8000 as a FANTASTIC Serato controller with a couple of emergency tracks on a USB stick as back up. Looking forward to the Engine Prime.


It appears that we’re fastly approaching the one-year mark since it was first announced that the next stage of Engine for MCX8000 was coming. I’m sure you can understand the frustration from us MCX8000 owners who have been dealing with Engine 1.5, a less than perfect software that’s not allowing the MCX8000 to live up to it’s advertised potential.

I have a few questions that hopefully you can answer:

  • Will there be a next stage of Engine/Engine Prime for the MCX8000?

  • Where is it on the list of priorities for Denon?

  • Will end-user beta testing be considered?

Thank you in advance!


Chino, as a fellow MCX8000 owner, I couldn’t agree more with all of the points you’ve made. Specifically the recording to USB, more FX selection, and Engine stability line items.

My hope for Engine Prime, since I’ve read repeatedly on this forum that there will be no Engine 1.x updates, is that when analyzing files, files that are incompatible or “unsupported” will just be skipped over by the conversion process (and notated at the end of the process!), rather than just crashing the program altogether. It really is rather a pain having to convert thousands of audio files that play well enough in Serato, Rekordbox, and Traktor, to one specific format just to be able to use the program without it crashing midway.

Just my thoughts.


been a while since I checked on engine and engine prime for my mcx8000 and seems the only news is no news and this tidbit from Denon Webpage.

"Is Engine Prime an update for the original Engine 1.5 software?

Engine Prime is a completely separate version of the Engine software, not a subsequent version of the original Engine 1.5. Engine Prime will not be compatible with the MCX8000, so current users should hang on to the original Engine software for use with this product."

So what is the software situation for the MCX8000? Is it Denon is done with software updates for this controller? will there be an update for Engine ? Should we just abandon hope on engine for the mcx8000 and use sarato or vdj?

thanks for any info.


Development hasn’t stopped on any of the current products or the Windows/Mac software(s) for use in conjunction with them.


yep read that, also read on deanon’s FAQ for engine prime that

Engine Prime is a completely separate version of the Engine software, not a subsequent version of the original Engine 1.5. Engine Prime will not be compatible with the MCX8000, so current users should hang on to the original Engine software for use with this product.

So it seems that Dennon says one thing and the forum says another.

This statement does not line up with the other statement from the website.

Engine Prime will be updated to allow users to use it for MCX8000

So which is it? If no update then fine if there is an update then when? How do we get notified?


Last thing I read on this forums was that a future version of Engine Prime will be able to work with MCX8000 which many users are patiently waiting for.

Is this not the case again :thinking: @Gee_DenonDJ


Hey, thanks for pointing that out! We’ll correct the FAQ now to reflect the current information being shared on the website and forum.


Hey, it has been a long time since the last news about the MCX8000 update…

Anything new?


I am guessing they are working on a good trade-in offer on a full Prime setup and save themselves the trouble of having to redo the old Engine hehehehehe.


Lol. Maybe a MCX8000Prime.

Jokes aside. A year is a very long time in DJ land.

Can it be that difficult implement EP exporting to a database that the 8000 can understand?

Might be the reason we haven’t seen an update to Engine Prime software itself to address some issues. It’s still on version 1.0.0 since launch.


I was more thinking about a good Serato Integration as there is a beta in which there are many changes (as a beta tester you can trust me on that point).

But your point is a good one, you must be on the good path to truth :wink: