Zu Audio mods for VL12

They really admire this turntable to the point of developing upgrades/mods

What about the major dead zone problem with the pitch? It’s sad I never see one people in Paris buying the VL12… I think no turntable beat the Technics

what is this dead zone problem?

Check some YouTube video and @Reticuli can confirme I think

I don’t have the VL12s.

Here’s the pitch fader deadzones thing, which, while probably annoying and excessive no matter what, is a bigger problem with the centering led not turning on when you’re in the center one… and of course I don’t understand why you’d have them at all on the ends of the fader.

Thanks maybe Denon can release an optional pitch fader that clicks like the Technics one If sales are hurting because of deadline issue its a no brainer to produce

https://www.vinylengine.com/turntable_forum/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=97400 Denon seem to have stumbled onto an un-intentional high end home audio market for Prime VL12!

For a company that is perfectly capable to set higher standards by designing and producing it’s own components, the use of customers as guinea pigs, instead of implementing highest quality check standards and performing proper in-house tests for every operating functions, it is quite shameful, especially when in the case of an analog component when it’s not possible to fix or improve something by rewriting a firmware.

Did you just buy a vl12 ? I wander why you have motive to have jumped on a story that is 6 month old.

I wanted to what Denon DJ put in the market with the release of the VL12 and I went to the same Denon DJ dealer from were I bought my MCX8000 in order to test the VL12 before making the decision to buy and the unit tested had the following issues: bearing play, platter wobble and pitch fader “dead zone”. Later on, a friend of mine invited me to the unboxing of his newly bought VL12s and we found the bearing play and pitch fader “dead zone” on both units. Personally I was very disappointed because I still intend to acquire the VL12 for myself, but I decided to postpone the purchase until these issues will be solved by Denon. I also hope to find an out of warranty unit in my area in order to open it and take a closer look inside.