zoneplay with crossfade

I currently pocess a ddj1xxx but want to go to a full stand alone unit. Hoever for me it is still unclear how the playlist function works.

With all the new updates its hard to track as “new comer” what functions do and hoe they can be used.

What I like to know is What does zoneplay with crossfade mean? … Does it only work on zone out? If so, can zone out be routed to master output?

The thing is. Im searching for a unit which, besides 4 track mixing, also allows me to play music from a list, gapless on the master channel, so that, when the function is started, i can leave the unit alone for an hour, and it will continue gapless on its own.

Is this somehow possible with the prime 4?

Continue Every deck has continue mode to master, but currently no crossfade option. I think this will be looked in for future updates. You can also search and vote requests on it.

Zone / Crossfade Deck 4 can be set to play a dedicated Zone playlist. This list has adjustable crossfade time. This was a recent update.

Workaround Play crossfade list trough zone and connect XLR outputs to RCA line inputs of channel 3 (or 1 or 2). Set corresponding channel to line and it will run trough your master channel.