Zone out + mic

Hello. I have already seen a topic about which I will write. But I think it’s important. Recently, I checked how individual XLR outputs work on my Prime 4 and it amazed me that the microphone output is not transmitted to the zone output. Of course, I mean the kidy situation, we do not use the zone section as a separate source with other music. I wasn’t even aware of that. I often use additional outputs to transmit the same signal as from the main Master output, and recently on the occasion of online stram. I connected the signal from the zone output to have just the additional possibility of adjusting the treble and bass, and here there is no microphone signal !!! No microphone signal in the zone output is a terrible meltdown !!!. It should be possible to enable in the options, as it is in the case of going to the booth rail. My controller is Denon Prime 4, Firmware v1.4.1

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As you mentioned, already a topic running for this.

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