Your recording setup

Just wondering what everyone is using to record. I play on 2 SC5000M and the X1800. I’m thinking about just using USB to the PC and recording into Audacity.

I’m open to anything as I’m really new to this setup.

Just wondering what everyone else is using and some recommendations :slight_smile:


Yeah thats the best way to do it :+1:

I record directly to Audacity however i also record direct to my Android phone in the event that the Laptop barfs.

I just use a pocket sized marantz digital field recorder recording onto SD card - pmd600 or pmd660 or similar

I record directly to Logic pro x on the macbook via usb from my X1800

I’d stopped using Audacity as I couldn’t take control of the output source, meaning I’d be recording all 10 channels, until I’ve found a piece of software called loop back. Now I can sort the outputs, straight into the normal 1+2 on Audacity, jobs a good un!!

I second the comment from DJ_Sontag. A digital audio recorder is a solid choice.

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I use a Zoom H6 to record.

That should be fine

So last night and today I used Audacity and it worked well. But I’m just going to get a recorder as well and try that out too since I’ll playing out on these monthly and I have no plans to ever take a computer with me. Thanks guys!

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