X1850 Private Beta Team Now Accepting Applicants

Hi Everyone,

We’re looking to assemble a X1850 Private Beta Team. If you own a X1850, please review below and proceed to the application to apply. We look forward to working with you!

Private Beta Goal

Provide the best possible product experience by collaborating with trusted users to identify any pain points or bugs before public release.


  • Discover workflow pain points before release
  • Identify firmware/software defects before release
  • Expand test coverage to different environments
  • Release a stable and enjoyable product


  • Test new firmware builds and provide feedback for defects, issues and observations. All reports should be submitted in the official X1850 beta area providing as much detail as possible.
  • Update firmware as new releases are available and confirm previous reports were resolved.
  • Must be able to communicate concisely in english.


  • Be the first to test and use new features and improvements.
  • Influence feature set offerings and usability workflows.
  • Help improve the product experience for others.

Important Notice

Discussing or sharing prerelease details outside of the group is striclty prohibited. Interested users will be required to sign NDA. Users who share private beta details or fail to contribute feedback during beta testing will be removed from the team.

Please note we have a limited number of seats available so not all who apply will be accepted. Please complete the form below honestly to the best of your ability.


X1800 going to get anything like this?

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Not at this time but we will post here if we do.

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Is there going to be a prime 4 private team? If so I’d jump at that.

I was actually shocked to see even a beta test for a mixer.

I’m curious to see what more can be done to the x1850 during it’s life.

Why? Nowadays a mixer is not only a piece of hardware. There are several things what can be programmed and therefore tested. If you look at the FX section you have encoders, buttons, two displays and a touch-strip and the software is controlling how this things are acting. I am developing the MIDI Beat Counter and have also designed some encoders, buttons and a display and see what is possible on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOWtjDd72MZECSOpuWn6xFQ I would love to have a beta test program for it.

Me too, though mostly only because they never did one for the X1800 though it too had bugs early on, some still persist, and the 1800 and 1850 are supposed to be fairly similar except for different cosmetics and slightly different DACs & headphone section. Arguably and only going from the threads on the forum considering I only have the X1800s, though, the X1850 is apparently having some catastrophic software issues at a level that the released X1800 firmware never had. So I suppose this makes sense as an emergency effort to try and crowdsource a resolution on it. Ditto with keeping it on the private beta down-low considering this is a new model and there’s no reason to be publicizing an awareness/admission of such problems more than necessary.

I’m confident there’s a lot else that can be done on these Prime mixers.