X1850 blown out sound

Hi there. I just purchased an X1850 with two Sc6000’s. Everything seems to be working fine EXCEPT the sound. The sounds coming from my speakers is incredibly blown out and static sounding. It can’t be my speakers since yesterday I was using it with my Prime 4 and zero issues there. I attached a picture below to show what’s going on with the mixer but if you can see, the master volume is ALL the way down and the level is right in the middle however the sound levels look to be spiking which I’m guessing is resulting in the muddy, blown out sound Im getting from my speaker. If anyone has any idea it would be much appreciated:

Additional info:

I’m plugged in with Phono from the cdjs to the mixer. Using JBL series 3 MKII powered studio monitors Everything is updated to latest firmware.

Plug on line inputs or single cable from digital out to digital ins

I bought some digital cables and hopefully that fixes that problem but I definitely don’t think phono should sound THATTTT bad

Phono is for turntables. You should use line ins with CDJs. Phono ins are NOT for CDJs. Phono is for low input, turntables. Lines are for high level input, CDJs. You’re overdriving your mixer badly pluging cdjs to phono. If you want to use digital ins, just split a RCA cable and use digital ins/outs. Roughly speaking ‘digital’ cables are just high quality RCA’s.

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Oh man now I just feel dumb. Thank you so much. I don’t know why I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Thank you thank you thank you.


Cool!!! :fist_right::fist_left: enjoy your new players and mixer! Happy mixing bro!

My man, you as well :blush::clap:

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