x1850 and Rack Rail Mounting

Does anyone have any solutions for rack rail mounting the x1850?

I’d much rather have this mixer mounted in some sort of surface and have clean cabling/connectors than have the bits’n bobs strewn out everywhere.

How is this getting mounted in DJ booths so that it isn’t out in the open, easily lifted at some opportune moment?

I remember the DN-X1500 having a rack mount adapter plate available for it.


Do venues really rack mount anything anymore? All of the photos/videos I see from live events and everywhere I’ve been in recent years all of the gear is just sitting out with loose cables everywhere.

…and it looks like [blort]! ha!

Seriously, how is this not an issue? My experience has been that if it isn’t bolted down it somehow sprouts legs and walks away – especially with new, shiny things.


If somebody really wants to take it, a few rack mount bolts aren’t going to stand in their way.

If something this size goes missing, the issue is with security at the venue, not whether it’s rack mounted.

I’ve worked in a hell of a lot of clubs who have delivery people, sales people, and others are coming and going all day. Often with no one keeping an eye on FOH and DJ Booths. I don’t care how big something is, it only takes one person to realize there is something there for easy taking. (Disconnect a few cables and viola! Gone.)

Mounting equipment absolutely stops the grab-and-run. If it takes someone a couple minutes to unbolt something, then their a lot less likely to go for it. Additionally there are security bolts available, so if I’m that concerned that a location may have people with screwdrivers going for the equipment, then those will generally stop them in their path.

Again what we’re going for is to stop the knob-rattlers/opportunity takers. If someone is really intent on taking something, you’re right, they will figure out a way.

As a commercial AV system designer, I’ve seen it all. DJs steal equipment. Vindictive, fired employees steal equipment. Employees on their last day steal equipment. People breaking into clubs after hours steal equipment. It’s all fair game when it isn’t bolted down.

So if it’s all such a big issue, how come out of the whole Pioneer range, only the DJM900NXS2 has rack ears available? All “club standard” kit, right? Yet no rack mounting? OMG!

Very little DJ kit is rack mountable these days. It’s fallen out of favour. Technics SL1200s were never rack mountable either, and they were ubiquitous.

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Technics 1200’s (of which I own two, and personally worked on hundreds (?) over the years), are permanently wired - and in most cases, both would have those cables, and power, routed and dressed to a mixer so as to dissuade theft.

The x1850 (and mixers of that ilk) all have easily detached cabling, connectors, and power.

So has the manufacturing industry followed a trend, or have the manufacturers decided to cut costs and remove accessories/features that they have deemed weren’t needed, and thus created the trend?

As I said, as a career professional AV designer (and professional DJ), I find the lack of the option to rail mount professional equipment - Whether vertically, horizontally, or at some angle in between, to be frustrating and saddening.

It’s certainly a lot easier for you to choose not to rail mount something that could be rail mounted, than it is for me to want to rail mount something that has absolutely no capability for it.

Do you honestly think it was the cables that prevented Technics decks from being stolen? [sigh]

OK then, glue the damn connectors into the back of the X1850 - job done!


Kensington lock.

PKtheDJ: The perception of permanence goes a long way to providing easy, cheap security. So yes, properly dressed and routed cabling can/will thwart the “knob rattler” looking for the easy swipe.

I know you were being smart with you made the glue comment, but really, why would you even suggest that? I mean at least go with something more secure like solder. :slight_smile:

TJDJ: Thanks for the idea. Yes, it is/was considered. The Kensington lock obviously solves the security issues, but still leaves a mess of cables strewn about. Isn’t a clean booth important to any one nowadays? :slight_smile:

(yes, I can design cable troughs into booths and use loom, but honestly, Professional gear deserves a professional, clean install - Not treated like some hobbyist just set up in their bedroom with cables running every which way.)

Like I said in response to an earlier post - It’s easier to not use it if it’s available than it is to need it and have no way to use it.

Understood and fair enough. If you really want to rack mount then nothing else will do - maybe some fabrication is necessary.

On a counterpoint, it’s become more common to bring along extra controllers or gear to plug into the venue mixer and an immovable mixer makes that tricky despite the nest of cables.

FWIW the SC’s have a Kensington lock hole on them but not the X1850. The DJM900 does. Denon might want to correct that omission next iteration to save the trouble of a glue-on plate if you want to lock it.

Another option would be adding an eye bolt via a simple hole drilled in the casing.

This would require to disassemble the mixer and drill carefully. Also all metal shavings need to be removed after drilling for safety.

…common sense. Stands to reason. If you’re not intelligent enough to drill a hole, don’t do it. :sunglasses:

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Many people have problem with using it…

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