X1800 noise across all channels before it went dead

Kept clean as a whistle and flight cased, but died just as I came to rehearse a new set.
Mixer is less than a year old, hence still under warranty. However, repair is 3-4wk turn around, which is poor in my books. I hasten to add, I’m back on the pioneer gear which is a few years old, but has never let me down once!

Problem: noise across all channels, randomly lights up like a Christmas tree and crackling sound, before it went completely dead, so I’m guessing a short circuit! Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi Soey, Sorry to hear of this issue. A unique issue to my knowledge.

This sounded like quite a long time to me also, so I’ve just been to speak to our repairs team and the actual turnaround time is less than two weeks.

If it was a dealer who gave you these times, I suspect that the dealer may have added their own processing/courier times onto the actual repair here. As you mention, the mixer is within its warranty period, so you should be up and running again with your X1800 before long.


Which sounds a bit like you are saying Pioneers don’t break down. While yours might not have, I invite you to talk to rental companies and repair centers for Pioneer gear and get their unbiased opinion on those units.

If it’s electronic, it can fail. Regardless of brand or model. And, sometimes, newer (i.e. just released) gear might have a few early production models that are slightly more susceptible to DAA (Dead After Arrival) problems.

I get that it ■■■■■ to have your high end mixer fail on you, but just to put things into perspective, a sound engineer colleague of mine was working with a 3-week old Digico digital live sound mixer (price ca. 80.000 euro) that spontaneously rebooted itself at random intervals. And Digico is on a LOT of riders out there for live sound work. So, it happens to the best :slight_smile: