X1800 interface via usb


I’m trying to connect my Mac to the x1800 with the usb cable to use it as an interface/sound card with no luck. If I use Serato it works but nothing else.

Appreciate any help with that.


Hi bbz12,

Same as your other topic. Give us some more info:

  • What have you tried already?
  • What do you see in the Audio Device List?
  • If Serato works, what other software does not?
  • What options do you have in other software (audio interface selection etc.)?
  • What would you like to accomplish in the end (recording/playing)?

The X1800 is class-compliant so it works out of the box as an audio interface. 10in-10out channels. There is no special configuration.

HI Reese ,

  1. Ive tried restarting Mac and Mixer, unplugging and plugging USB Cable to different inputs and outputs. Tried to Update Mixer firmware but it’s up to date.

  2. In both Serato and Traktor, channel 1-4 of the mixer work while in USB and DVS mode. Ableton and iTunes work only in channel 1, the rest of the channels don’t.

  3. Serato and Traktor work in all channels, Safari, iTunes, Ableton, only in channel 1. Even when I change the input in channel 1 to Line it doesn’t work in the other channels.

  4. X1800 selected in everything.

  5. Right now playing basically


If Serato and Traktor work flawless in normal USB audio mode, then you need to check Ableton and/or iTunes preferences or settings. It’s not a X1800 problem.

Now I don’t own a Mac, but usually with class-compliant support, it’s should be a no-brainer or a software program problem. I can even play+record multi channel on an iOS device with the X1800.

Perhaps other Ableton users here any ideas? Or on the Ableton support forum?

I have a similar issue with Audacity - my Mac recognises the X1800, but I cant get any sound out of it.

Try to create a aggregated device in the midi and audio option on Your mac. Than You have more flexibility in channel selection from any basic program. In ableton, audacity, logic pro x, etc. There is an advanced audio option to select the channel You want.

Quick update - I used channels 9 and 10, and it worked a treat. Saves me 2-300 quid on a DS-1.

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