X1800 Ground Screw

Anyone know how to get the ground screw back in on the x1800. I unintentionally unscrewed it to far out and i believe there was a nut on the inside of the mixer that may have dropped down inside the mixer. If i unscrew the bottom of the mixer, would that provide access to the inside of the mixer where i could possibly see if the nut/washer dropped/

Hi @djock12 Yes, if you remove the bottom panel you will have access to the grounding screw.

Once you open it you should see the lock nut for the grounding post that you incidentally unscrewed.

Just be sure the device is unplugged during maintenance.

Best of luck!

Thanks, that worked. The only problem is getting it back on since the circuit boards are in the way. Do i need to remove the top screws on the mixer faceplate to be able to access the rear panel and screw the ground back in?