X1800 BPM Counter vs. Engine Prime

So I play vinyl on my X1800 constently. The BPM counter on the X1800 is on point every single time (playing DNB, Hip Hop, and Jungle). Why not port this same BPM detection script over to Engine Prime to alleviate the poor BPM detection issue with the software?


I noticed this as well. Mentioned it in the early days of my Engine Prime BPM woes.

I’m guessing it uses a different algorithm.

Now I have engine connect off, to have the mixer do its own bpm to facilitate correct FX timings

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About to order the x1800. Good to know. ty

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BPM COunter , It’s evil :skull_and_crossbones:

If you are using it for mixing, yes. In this case, though, the bpm detection is used in order to make sure tempo synced fx (echo, delay, etcetera) work correctly.