X1800 and streaming on OSB Mac

Hi folks,

I was looking at this forum trying to find a solution but I’m not able to record/stream from my X1800 using OSB. I tried chanel 9/10 but it doesn’t work from me.

Any good tutorial to help ?

Thanks a million.

Hi @FXR_74, welcome back!

Well, looking at the recording problems people have with OBS, I would search for an application that simply does support recording from ch9+10.

There seems to be audio routing software to solve this programming failure or one could do tricks with channel assignments on the X1800.

Read more here:

And here:

Thanks. Actually I was able to manage it using Loopback software (expensive still) but this works. Chanel 1 was put on 9/10 and this worked in OBS.

To each his own, but in my opinion, $99 for a software is a bit pricey. For years I’ve been using a $30 USB soundcard to get clean audio for live streaming. Serato recommends this option. In fact they just posted an article on live streaming in support of a USB soundcard.

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