X1600 Recording options

Hi. Forgive me if is not posted in the right area but i have been searching and i am struggling to find a solution to problem. Basically, i have the Traktor pro and traktor DVS and denon x1600. My question is how do i record both vinyl and timecode vinyl into the same mix? I have been able to set the mixer up so i can record directly into traktor with the DVS but have not been able to successfully record the vinyl yet. I also tried recording straight out the record outputs on the back into audacity but the signal sounded wet and very weird. I am pulling my hair out trying to find a solution if anyone could help i would be much appreciative. Thanks

I have the X1700 but it should be the same. In utilities, select audio setting, usb audio setting, audio output. I set USB channels 7/8 to REC and then in Traktor have the recorder input read USB channels 7/8.

Yes it’s the same.

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Thanks for the replies. I must be something though as that’s how I have it set. And records the dvs input no problem. But on the other deck playing vinyl it won’t receive the signal. It plays back through the monitors but traktor won’t record the audio of the vinyl playback? If that makes sense?

Do you have the Traktor deck set as “live input” when you play standard vinyl ? I never used to change the mixer, just set the Traktor deck as live or track to suit.

Can you post your traktor input, output and recorder setting in screenshots so we can see and not guess. Also, I do believe usb ch 9/10 is master output but I would have check the manual to confirm.