Workflow's for iTunes

I’ve been using iTunes for my DJ library for years. I keep a separate library just for DJ tracks, and I’ve tagged my tracks with all sorts of custom metadata. I then use smart playlists to keep it all organized in iTunes.

Why I’ve always favored this method is that every DJ program out there can read iTunes libraries. So I organize once, and then moving around with different programs isn’t an issue.

Now, with Engine Prime, I’m curious as to know what everyone’s iTunes workflows are?

Right now I’ve created a few crates and drags some tracks over from my iTunes playlists into the crates for export.

I’m wondering if there’s a better way?

Is there a need for crates at all if everything is already in iTunes organized nicely? What would be the benefit?

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Been similar to you Ryan0751, lost too many playlists using Serato so needed a way to ensure that they were always available.

Now with the Prime series I’ve changed as I’m just banging playlists on USB drives, and having drives for different boxes (i.e. New Tunes on 1, Old Skool on another). Going to try that for a bit and see how that plays out, hopefully more successfully than Serato crates…

I’ve actually got two laptops. My main laptop and my DJ laptop. Sometimes I’ll only have one laptop with me (my main laptop) and would like to prepare some music.

Does anyone know of a good workflow in Engine Prime to analyze some tracks on one machine, and export them to another?

I suppose I could:

  1. Analyze the tracks on the main laptop. Set my beatgrids, cues, loops, etc.
  2. Export to an SD card
  3. On my DJ laptop with the main Engine Prime database, try to import from the SD card? I’m not sure it will “sync” the track information since I didn’t export from that library?