Wishes for upcoming updates - SC5000

I´ll try to make a poll on what people consider as the most important things that needs focus from the Development-team on the SC5000, if possible.

The ones listet at the moment are just mine, but if you need somethings in the poll, please PM me and I´ll add them.

  • Grid edit on SC5000 (Increase/ Decrease)
  • Activating predefined Loops before song start
  • Ability to Start track on second layer from active layer (Shift+ Play)

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There need the vote option of “No more update”

That is would be for the member who keep says he doesn’t want to be a beta tester. Every update on a complex unit is going to mean the chance of one of existence functions MAY BE. Being knocked wrong.

I mean example is the 1.2 firmwares gave us the able to do things with the track while it was analyse on screens. That wish got added but hot cue pads got stopped from work in pause momentarily mode. Every firmwares update means we all beta test after

Should we not agree that of course there will be continuous updates - the product does not live up to its fullest yet.

When I say I do not want to be a beta tester in 1 year from now, it is meant for the experience of users that the MCX8000 has undergone. I myself have had an MCX8000 and therefore I actually know what I am talking about.

So let’s try and keep focus on what updates / upgrades will actually help make this machine even better than it already is.

That’s why I make it a vote, rather than a thread with 100 different posts and wishes that you can not find head and tail in.

No one has yet used the voting-function regarding this, and it just seems as a better way of doing it.

Good day to you LargoS.

I will not go into what I would want with this unit (I do that somewhere completely else), so I voted on your list.

Only the first wish is a need to have; the second is nice to have; the third is of no use to me (keep shift+play as it is now)

This topic will end up being a copy of the request topic, but good luck!

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If I buy car that’s specifications say it have this top speed of 100mph and I drive it to 100mph it’s guilty of me to think of it Have of updates free after every weeks to make it go at 101mph then a week later go at 102mph and a week later go at 103mph forever.

The sc5000 already has what it say it has. There is nothing missing from. Some things are there but yes different from what of some people have see else places but the features are there

my wish is simply a search per year

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I´ve added it to the list - will come when I update it tomorrow. I´m sorry I can´t do it before.

Guess I´ll have to just update it once a day.

What if said car was using 50 litres of Petrol to do a 100km journey and the dealership rang you to say hey we have improved things a bit…100km will only use 5 litres of fuel with no dip in performance.

@mufasa - Lets just close it here - No need to argue with him. It will just take the focus away from the thread, but thx for backing up :slight_smile:

If the dealership were offer that feature of their own then that is great things obviously. But it is different to if a few of the drivers are thretening and demanding of the new feature without it being on made offer from the dealership or maker

That is what is going here

Ah ok I get you.

What if after you get the car fully appreciative of the fact that it was doing 50litres to 100km but being the curious type you looked up the tech and realised hmmm if they just adjusted one or two things I might actually be able to get 5L to 100Km.

You then mention this to the manufacturers tech department and they agree with you.

On the flip…you can decide not to do the update when it becomes available. You may well be getting some benefit from doing 50L per 100KM as you are claiming that back as expenses so it doesn’t affect you in anyway.

I agree that some may express their request as a “demand” but remember this is a forum, expressive communication is not everyone’s strong forte.

I for one will still put in requests in other to make this product a very viable alternative for the current club standard.

This forums were not just created for us to praise Denon but it’s important for them to get feedback on the various things users may think they need.

And yes, no forums should allow E-thugs and Or e-terroists to erode away at a maker or at a company ever day in like a baseball bat

In the thread here it is just duplicate of the request/demeans of existing wishlist thread.

Denon DJ have proved that e/-thugs and keyboard/mouse warrior nagging them ever day do NOT make them bring firmwares faster , so there no points in letting the e-thugs carry on.

Several noise makers kept timing the long time of firmwres. The firmwares arrived yesterday and it took less than a 5 hour for people to start talk of when will next firmwares update be- 5 hours ?? That is crazy ungrateful by the 3 or 4 who when down that path.

LargoS and mufasa - could we please put this to rest?

Not trying to be a e-thug or a e-terrorist or whatever… Yes, it might seem as a “duplicate” thread but no one has yet taken advantage of the poll-system on this forum.

I made this thread so we could collect all ideas, wishes, requests or what you wanna call them in one place, instead of scrolling through nearly 500 posts where people brings their ideas to the table.

It gives a way better option for us as customers to actually make a poll about the things that are interesting and maybe could be in a future update.

This way we can show Denon what we as users find important. There´s no guarantee that Denon will listen to it, but it might actually work better this way so their dev-team dont have to scroll throgh 100s and 100s of posts.

Denon themselves have said that these players will be able to do more things in time. Why not give them our ideas! (This is not a question)

If you dont agree in a post, feel free to scroll past it.

So please, put it to rest now guys!


Just interested in understanding his/her view and s/he has been very clear.

I wasn’t aware of the poll feature and I think it’s a great idea.

Votes are easy to track rather than posts that can go missing.

@LargoS it’s all love. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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Hi @Schmoutss - how would this benefit your sets? I’m interested to know :slight_smile:

Hello Chloe That’s it, I have 68 styles of music, in each style I have at least 200 songs. So if I can search by year, it would already be easier to find a suitable title. I’m not already in a club, but I play a lot in the party halls where the number of styles of music. So if I can search backwards for years, I will save a lot of time. In addition, I do not work in playlist, because too much change of style in the evening. I do not know if you understand what I mean, but it would be great for me. Musically Schmoutss

Ah I understand. Well I think the best option at the moment would be to create playlists as years e.g 1980’s, 1990’s 2000’s within Engine Prime. If this is a popular need within other users, it might be considered for future updates :slight_smile:

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Seriously guys the high prioritie is the high end roll off filter on the SC5000 ! @Engell can you please add this

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And some minor things :

  • Ability to use the phase meter without sync
  • Ability to search per date

More search criteria needed!!!..and tag on the fly!!! Search criteria are the key of a good workflow when you are managing a lot of songs. search by: comment, rating , year, color (like pioneer) that’s what i need!!!

without this features it, frustrating to play with sc5000,… and all this is already available on Engine prime…so why ? why we don’t have it on the decks???