Will there be a successor to MC6000 Mk2?

Hi guys, it seems the MC6000 Mk2 has been discontinued. I’ve been using an MC6000 (original/mk1) for years with Traktor Pro and see no similar product on the market with the same features and form factor. Not from Denon, not from any other brand.

Whilst I know you wont talk about unannounced products here, if you’ve given up on this form factor and have no intention of releasing an MC6000 Mk3 (or similar) I’d appreciate you saying so now.

I’ve been a loyal Denon DJ user for 26 years, throughout my DJ career, and would rather not look elsewhere (as I say, there’s nothing equivalent to what I’m using anyway, the MC4000 is the closest but not quite there).

I would sincerely welcome any guidance on where Denon sees the market going now.

MC6000 was old Denon. It’s InMusic now and I’m sure they have a different strategy as they have more than one brand.

I know plenty of people who are looking for an updated MC6000 but it seems Denon don’t see basic small form midi controllers as a market any more.

There is the Roland DJ707M but its not 19 inch rack mountable.

This question has been asked many times before but companies won’t state the intentions for commercial reasons.