Will Denon delay Prime 2 and Go?

Does Denon expect having delays for sending Prime 2 and Go to distributors?

I know globally mail delivery can be affected, but is the shipping still on track at Denon?

If so, do we have any idea when they will be available?

Add six months of corona virus delays to the normal gap between denon announcing something and anyone getting one… I wouldn’t be surprised if no one gets either model until early 2021.

I think more of a middle this year. 3 months delay was in China. I think Taiwan will be not longer.

Can fix that BPM situation whilst they are locked down :wink::pray:

Locked down - there is Your answer - when there is less staff, then things go slower…

JWiLL has said that they are RIGHT around the corner with a new algorithm. :muscle::pray: And since they usually use the term ‘soon’, my guess is that this is even closer.

But yes, there is a lockdown, which not even Denon could predict…

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Hi @mlarrivee - I think a better title for this topic would be ‘Will Corona pandemic delay Prime 2 and Go’ :wink:

At this time I cannot comment on the timing of the release as there is very much still unknown.

We will be sure to inform our customers once the impact is clear.

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Surely they can work from home dude :man_shrugging: besides what better time to give everyone some new things to play with than when everyone is stuck inside! I’m not saying it will happen I’m just saying :slightly_smiling_face: