WiFi Streaming Output

Hello - will the Go have the ability to stream OUT via WiFi? I own a Denon WiFi AV receiver and would love the ability to stream to my whole-house audio system from the Go rather than having to be tethered to line outputs. A similar situation would be to stream to WiFi speakers such as Sonos.

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And how would you mix then? Wifi is still not a option for pro audio because of latency.


Possibly I am wrong but I think that if you stream audio via Wifi you will not be able to mix properly due to latency, as @SlayForMoney said. This is the same reason that DJs can’t use wireless nor bluetooth headphones :slightly_frowning_face:.

Not if the audio being streamed was on the master and the person behind the decks was using wired headphones.

This is entirely possible I think as when mixing with wired headphones there is no latency.

Yes split cue mixing or sync

Hey guys, thank you for the quick feedback. This would definitely not be used for professional gigs - I’m talking about using it at my house for parties. The latency issue makes sense though. Even so, I still want one of these!

The Prime Go will not have a built-in streaming output. The wifi streaming that mentioned is in reference Prime Go’s ability to connect to the internet via wifi or ethernet and play (stream) music from online sources like Tidal. As for wirelessly sending the Prime Go’s output to your receiver, you can always add a third party transmitter.

As for latency, most wireless options will have some. I’ve tried several and, believe me, trying to DJ with a latency issue is not do-able and absolutely annoying. The only zero latency solution that I found was a pricey UHF transmitter/receiver setup (UHF is the technology that most cordless microphones use). If latency is not concern for you, then you can find economical bluetooth transmitter options.

And from DenonDJ sister company, Alto (Stealth wifi system)

There is already a wireless audio system made by Denon.

TRANSMITTER: https://www.denonpro.com/index.php/products/view/dn-202wt

RECEIVER: https://www.denonpro.com/index.php/products/view3/dn-202wr

i wonder if this would work…


wait never mind, results suck, says terrible latency lol, theres gotta be something like this out there though better

As I said previously, on the master out you will have latency, but as long as you mix via booth or headphones then it shouldn’t be a problem.

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right on, i am gonna order and try this one below, i will have to get an adapter for it, ill let yall know how it works, even if it doesnt work good the the GO, i can use it for something else around the house lol


Xvive U3C is solid transmitter.