Why does this keep happening with the BPM when using sync?

It happened on both the Prime4 and now the SC6000s that I had delivered today.

  • I play one track on Player 1, turn sync on
  • I play the next track on Player 2, mix it in using sync
  • The first track eventually finishes. I do not stop it before it finishes.
  • When I load the next track on Player 1, it’s pitched down a crazy amount (usually -18 to -21%) and the pitch control is set to increments of -20

This is really frustrating. I then have to go in to preferences and reset the pitch control back to -4 or -8, and move the pitch control all the way to very top, then back down, to reset it.

Here’s a picture example from today on the 6000s: denonbug|390x500 Behaving exactly like the Prime 4 did. A freshly loaded track is pitched down 18.37%. I can’t work out why it gets to this figure, since the other linked deck certainly was not playing at 118bpm.

It might have to do with the settings in the menu.

This usually happens when one deck is set to master.

Tonight I validated it’s not sync dependent. It happened on my very first track when I turned the decks on.

It happens more than it doesn’t - 3 or 4 times for every 5 tracks I play. I can’t work out any pattern that causes it.

So the track in your picture is shown to be 145 BPM, I listened to it and that sounds right. Are you certain the other tracks you were playing have correct BPM analysis? Current versions of EP do this weird cheat where they use the BPM listed in the file’s metadata if its there instead of doing it’s own analysis and in my experience many times those tag BPMs are wrong, by a lot. I’m probably wrong that this is the cause of your issue but it’s the first thing that jumped to mind.

I also see you do not have a Denon mixer, are your decks directly connected to each other with just a CAT cable or are you connecting them with an ethernet switch?

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Decks are linked directly with a CAT cable. No switch. They are then each out to the mixer by RCA.

The reason I think it’s software related is it was happening on the Prime4 too.

In terms of metadata:

  • Music first goes through MixedInKey for key analysis
  • I then import in to Rekordbox which retains the key from MIK and does BPM analysis. I do nothing else in Rekordbox.
  • I import from Rekordbox to Engine Prime and drag on to a USB
  • All files are AIFF. Over 90% are from bandcamp. No issues with these files otherwise. (I moved to AIFF after Pioneer had an issue with WAVs from Bandcamp. Turns out AIFF is a superior format as you get metadata.)

The track’s BPMs are all correct. It’s not like it says 145 and it’s actually 148. The metadata is all correct. I was mixing other tunes at ~135bpm last night and was having the same problem.

The problem is not about the track’s original form, but is more about it loading on to the deck at a totally random speed.

Today I am going to play around with it and see if it happens constantly to the same tracks, so we might be able to isolate it and find some commonality there, or if is truly totally random.

EDIT: … Actually, I think I know what this. I’ll report back once I confirm.

EDIT 2: The files weren’t properly analysed. I imported them via RekordCloud - which kept all my metadata and sync’d my library to Prime perfectly - but even then you need to re-run the analysis on each track on your laptop to set the grid up. I had not done this.

Without that step, the files were:

  • Doing the wacky behaviour above
  • Sometimes not playing at the right speed and/or wouldn’t let me adjust the beat grid
  • Needing to be analysed on the player

A quick re-analyse of each file kept the metadata intact (thankfully) and got everything else sorted just fine.

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