Why can’t I get my laptop to work with the sc5000 and x1800

I have tried all the cables from usb out to the Ethernet cable and connected them all to my laptop and then opened serato but it’s not connected. When I put the usb cable in the usb 1 on the x1800 it connects to serato because I have downloaded the drivers of both the sc5000 and the x1800 but the computer media source icon on the SC5000 doesn’t show up. I have tried everything but nothing seems to work.

Am I doing something wrong, can anyone help?

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Have you connected both the SC’s via a usb3 cable to the laptop also?

Think I’ve seen somewhere, where the solution looked like this: From Player 1 to Player 2 to laptop Mixer to laptop

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The Players have to be connected via USB to the computer not via LAN.

  1. Make sure you have purchased Serato DJ standalone license. Because you have a controller that comes with Serato e.g. MCX8000 , DDJ SX etc does not mean you have a licence

  2. Connect your X1800 via USB to the laptop

  3. If you have more than 3 USB sockets on your laptop connect each SC5000 to the laptop with USB CABLES

  4. If you don’t have 2 spare USB sockets, you can daisy chain the SC5000 ie Player 1 connected to Player 2 via USB, then Player 2 is connected to the laptop via USB

Serato DJ should work fine and you should be able to use your players as controllers.

If all that fails…contact support

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