Why are there 4 inputs per channel?

Hi there, just a little confused, I have 2 x SC5000M’s in this mixer. Why are there 2 x red/white phonos PER channel? Do I have to use a specific one?

Manual page 8+9. Connections 10.

Phono and Line inputs. You know this difference?

(Why not connect the SC’s digitally to the mixer? Page 8+9; connections 14)

There are two red/white RCAs per channel. One is for phono connections, one is for line level connections as marked. A 5000 generates a line level signal, so you plug it into the one marked line.

As a side note - be careful using “phono” to refer to that type of jack as it isn’t exactly accurate, and is regional. In other areas if you talk about a phono plug, they’re going to give you a 1/4" connection.

Thanks @Reese, sorry I hadnt noticed the labels as I was plugging them in from an awkward position. Thanks for this photo! I’ll be honest, I didn’t know the difference between them both.

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