Which "off the peg flight" case in the UK?

I have had a look around, but sorry if this post is a repeat - is there any alternative to the swann case in the UK? - I saw on a thread somewhere that it may be a bit of a tight fit… dont really want have to get one custom made… any recommendations gratefully received cheers

What about the Magma? Don’t know if generally available in the UK.

I use a Magma for the big Prime set and it fits perfectly. Wouldn’t think differently for the Prime4 version.

Edit - Would be no problem in the UK:

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fair play … thanks for the recommend !

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Magma case is in the UK and I got the Swan case. It let’s the Prime 4 to stick out of the top when it’s open which I like but the foam wasn’t cut properly and too thick. They say they are sorting it though.

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I just dislike the stick out. I prefer leveled height. Magma does that perfectly.

Old photo below: :grimacing:


The Swan is great. They have perfected it already. I have one.

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Dimensions on that one please… In cm’s. :slightly_smiling_face::pray:

Just have a look at their site:


Thanks m8 :slightly_smiling_face: Will do.

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yea like the idea of minimal casing when it’s open - swan may be the way forward will hassle them about oversized foam cuts. i like the odyssey cases but looks like they are US only …

I spoke to someone there who called me back confirming they will sort it. It was a few that had manufacturing issues. You should be all good to go.

I wanted the cut away one over the Magma ‘flat’ style (I searched it deliberately) but as Reece said, it really depends on what you want.


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Anyone got (or got a view on) the Odyssey Prime 4 case (the black slimline one not the one with the laptop shelf) and/or the similar black Gorilla case? I only need for occasional use and really looking for something under £200.

Why not go for a Magma CTRL case then? £99.

I have a “soft” case for my DDJ-RZ (as the RZ is heavy) and it’s fine if you’re only using it now & again.

Did consider that as well but also want to use the case in home studio. There I have a console/surface that’s not quite wide enough to sit the Prime 4 on so planning to use the case on top of that to solve the problem. Not sure the Ctrl case will work as well for that.

In that case (groan) it’s no use then, as the “lid” isn’t removable.

I got the Swan case from DJKit for £159.

There’s a couple of ways to get the Swan flightcases for the sc5000s over here but I’ve had to modify mine.

The front drop down flaps are hinged but get in the way when open as they’re not fully removable and snag on the headphone cable, clothing etc

I’ve put internal slide bolt on each of the drop down flaps to stop them falling open at gigs

i do this with the magma case bought it here 165 quid good price and the unit will stack on the lid for more height if you need

the only annoyance is the catches touch speakers as space for me is pretty limited …

I have the Magma CTRL case for the Prime 4 and also the Swan case.

The Swan case has only been used a few times in 12 months but I got one of the first ones with the wrong thickness of foam inside it so I had to cut away a lot of it. They promised to send me more foam but that never happened.

I’m actually going to sell it for £100 as I use the Magma. It’s a great case for the road but unused.

Thanks for the replies. I like the Magma Ctrl case but how solid is it? Would it work for sitting the P4 on a table/console that has dimensions that are not quite wide enough for the unit itself (as mentioned in my earlier post)? I realise the lid is not removable but I can probably work around that. However, if it doesn’t help solve my space issue then I’ll have to go with a more solid case.