Where can i find the Asio 1.1 driver


where can i find the denon asio 1.1 driver? I hear that it works on 64bit systems?

Hey there,

Which product do you want to use with your Windows system? There are many different ASIO drivers for many different products.

Its for the HC4500, an archive of all the driver releases would be great, so that one can try out which driver works best on a modern operatingsystem.

I’m not terribly familiar with legacy products, but if the latest 2.2 driver doesn’t support 64bit, I think it’s highly unlikely that the earlier version will. If the unit is class compliant (ie: show’s up as an audio device, you may be able to use ASIO4ALL.

It was a long time ago in a galaxy far away, but the ASIO 2.x driver for the HC4500 was worse that the 1.x. Even though D&M said you should use 2.2.2 with 64bit Windows.

Furthermore, I used Traktor 2.x with the HC4500. One had to use the 32bit exe-file of Traktor and disable multi-core cpu support from within Traktor to get stutter free audio.

I have the drivers somewhere, so I could share. Also look in the sys1006 folder.

DenonDJ OLD.ZIP (9.5 MB)

Tried the Asio4All but cant get it to work. Are there earlier versions of 2.2 driver some where? i am running the 2.2.2 but that just crashes traktor

Can you access/see the zip file in my previous post?

Yes, i will try it as soon as i get home

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I guess you may use the controller with Traktor 3.0, as since the update NI doesn’t offer any 32-bit application anymore, right? If this is the case, forget it. I tried with all the 3 available drivers for hc-4500. No one is working. It might be interisting to know if any other DENON controller driver software might harm with the HC-4500, hmmm, at least for audio. I don’t care about the scratch function. beside this I’ve tried asio4all. Both players are playing there track, but no audio is coming out of the HC4500 :frowning:

I realised that Traktor has dropped the 32bit support, got it working with Traktor 2.6 and the 2.2.2 driver, will try to update towards 2.11 in small steps to see how it works. Anybody know of any modern rack mounted dj controllers that could replace the 4500?

Thanks very much for this driver. I’ve been having a nightmare, both in windows 10 and windows 7 getting the version 2.2 driver working. It stutters like hell. I’d forgot that on my other windows 7 PC I was using v. 1.01 because 2 was terrible but only 2 is available from the official downloads on denondj