Where can i buy internal click buttons for the Prime 4?

Hi, anybody can help us to find parts for the prime series media players, in my case prime 4, many of us need to replace cue buttons after the long use, cause they start to fail. also if Denon support or sombadu can share technical pdf diagrams could be great, but the must important is to help us users to find and buy replacement parts of the units. thanks.


They are called tactile switches. Commonly found on eBay and amazon

Look at the legs. Is it 2 or 4.

Study the hight if the seated switch. Make sure you get right hight, don’t get ones too tall or the switch will be constantly pressed by the external button, and visa versa, too low it won’t get touched.

Good luck in your search

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You can get parts here:

You should try this first though.

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Thanks i just send them an email to confirm parts and make the right order, thanks a lot.