Wheel display peripheral did not come online

Please help!! This message appeared when changing the serato mode to all in one! In full show. What does this mean? And what problems will it bring?


Ideas ?

Any suggestions of the problem that affects me?

Hi @DjCarlosCea - Sorry to hear of the difficulty. It seems that the wheel display firmware did not load when switching from USB to standalone mode.

Did you close Serato DJ before switching the device? This is the proper way to switch between the sources.

Also is the message persistent now after power cycle?

This is news to me sir :face_with_monocle:

I switch back and forth without issues other than waiting for the sc5000 to reboot (which in itself is a pain in the backside - but it is what it is)

Yes, this properly disconnects all PRIME 4 devices (mixer, displays) from the computer (Serato).

Glad to hear you don’t have issues. Most people don’t.

Thanks for answering!! leave serato de denon, using the source … but it all started before. When I installed my computer and wanted to connect to the serato. the denons took several minutes without connecting … in fact I had to reinstall the serato to eliminate possible errors. After a couple of hours with serato video, I changed to use my files in usb and the mentioned message appeared. I have not used the machines again until we get an indication of the reason and if this can generate more problems

The message is shown when the wheel display firmware doesn’t load properly. If this happens, the wheel display will not function as expected but that is the only concern. I suggest doing some testing in a controlled environment and if the message persists, our support team can jump in to assist further.

Good! I’ll try! I’ll tell you! I hope it’s just an isolated message and nothing important. Thank you

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