Whats Your Serato Smart Crate Setup

I’m always curious as to how everyone lays out their Serato Smart Crates in order to get to relevant tracks as fast as possible. This is my setup. Obviously very basic so I’m hoping to see some creative setups from all of you!

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What’s inside your numbered Crates rqhail? (1,2,3,4… etc)

Oh I should have been more clear about that! I use the camelot system to tag key signatures of my tracks so 1-12 just correspond to the song keys! I do not trust the serato algorithms yet though so I still rely on Mixed In Key for my analysis.

I have parent crates with sub smart crates for release year ('17,'16,'15, 2010s, 2000s, 1990s etc) BPM ranges, KEYs (+ compatible) & vibe (i use the comment field to tag the bangers, chill tracks, fillers etc) I do this so I can expand and browse as need be.

I also have a parent crate for specific genres that contain a smart crate for that genre tag, that way the parent crate auto fills with all tracks of the same genre (IE hip-Hop) but I can also browse the sub-crates related to that particular genre to narrow down the type of track im looking for.

I see a lot about subcrates in Serato and I have just assumed that means a crate inside another crate like a subfolder is a folder inside another folder on a PC. Yet I have been unable to make a crate inside a crate. Am I thinking about subcrates wrong?

I don’t use the smart crates. I do things manually… I should probably have a look at using it.

I’ve never used the smart crate feature as well, all manual. I should look into it! Any tips for that???