What's your RMA experience?

I’m curious about others experience with Denon support. I sent my player for RMA (broken usb plug) over two month ago and I received no news since then. I’ve contacted them a couple of times and they responses has been very evasive.

At first I expected Denon to just send me back a another refurbished unit. But it seems like they’ll probably try to repair it, which probably imply replacing the main board. Which means some parts need to be sent all over the place (just guessing here).

Even more weird is that I had to send my unit 300km away in some kind of sketchy looking electronic shop while DenonDJ canadian headquarter is 20km from my home.

I know some forum user had their player RMA’ed. I’d like to know how it went.

My X1850 mixer was couple times in for service and it was always quick and I had nice and long service calls with them. Can highly recommend the service - at least for the German area.

I had my x1800 for a fader replace - they did it in 5 days including shipping.

2 months!?!? I would be raising all kinds of hell!

Also had a X1800 go in for a new main board (USB1 died), it was in and out in a week but that was in the USA being sent to inMusic’s Nevada service center. Gotta call them and see if they can help you.

I wanted to get the 2 pots on my X1800 sorted as one is loose and the other feels ‘gritty’ even though it’s never been outside my mancave, unfortunately for me and no one else, i could never complete the RMA online form as it would not let me complete the form, IIRC it was not happy with my address.

No matter what browser i used the result was the same, shame really.

So you phoned them or emailed them, yes?

I did try phoning, however i was unsuccessful in getting through to anyone, but to be fair i didn’t try more than a few times, this ‘was’ at the height of Covid and working in retail i fully appreciate the strain that reduced workforces would have been under.

Free time was minimal and having to come home and then go over homework with two kids meant the last thing i wanted was to be stuck on a phone or laptop, i did reach out on the forums a couple of times, but i guess the post was diluted.

I guess some would think I’m nuts for not pursuing, but my gear is for home use only, and at some stage when the parts are readily available i will replace them myself.

From a customer perspective it would have been nice for Denon to extend warranties for customers given the unprecedented times which we are still experiencing.

What i will say though is that it has not dampened my spirits on how i perceive Denon as a company, in fact i will be ordering my Prime Go this month which i am super excited about.

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Three months after sending my unit I’m still waiting for it…


Which unit? What fault ?

SC6000, broken frontal USB plug, had it for 5 month, didn’t get to use it much (no gigs yet bc covid). If this goes on, Denon will had more time in possesion of my player that me.

Quote from rep:

I did touch base with the service center, there are multiple pieces on your SC6000 that needed to be replaced. Those parts have been unavailable at this time, which is causing the delay.