What windows 10 version for Engine Prime?

Downloaded Engine Prime, when trying to install it tells me it requires a newer version of Windows. I got the latest Windows update.How do you fix this issue?

It’s not compatible with 32 bit versions of windows. That may be the issue.

If you have a budget laptop with less than 3gb RAM then it may only have the 32 bit version and that won’t work with Engine Prime unfortunately.

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Engine Prime should work with 64 Bit versions of Win7, Win8.1 and Win 10

I have it working on Win7 Pro, although this is not stated on the compatibility list.

Best to have at least 4GB of RAM

Hope this helps.

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Engine Prime is only recommended for Windows computers at 64 bit- Windows 7 is not supported

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Hi Paul,

I have it working on Win 7 Pro 64Bit

Will see how I get on, appreciate your feedback. Would be great to officially support Win 7, but know we have to move forward.

Thanks for all the great work you guys are doing !


Thanks man, we appreciate your feedback/comments

Engine Prime working on Windows 7 64 bit, Without problem.

HP Probook 4520s, SSD SanDisk 240GB, Ram 4 GB, Intel Pentium P6200 2,13 GHz, OS: Win. 7 Home premium 64bit

Being version 1.0.0 it’s very weird on what system it runs.

My main computer is a Windows10 dual boot. In both Windows10 installations EnginePrime does not start and crashes with a runtime error. It has a nVidia GTX 970 gpu.

My mediacenter in the living room has a nVidia GTX 1050ti and runs the very latest Windows10 Insider Preview. EnginePrime starts okay, but sometimes it’s scrambling the letters in the program interface. On my laptop EnginePrime runs also okay. Laptop is running the very latest Windows10 Insider Preview also.

Bought an Intel NUC and installed Windows10 especially for running EnginePrime. More or less this is the most stable environment for me.