What is the packed column indicate?

I’m sure this is a quick and easy question - but as there still isn’t a lot of documentation out for Prime, I guess I’ll just ask:

What is the “Packed” column for? What is it showing me? And does it matter?

Excellent question. One guess would be it shows the last date you added that track (“packed” it) to an external device?!

That would make sense but it’s just a dot. On or off.

So much for that thought then :slight_smile:

I think the packed column means that all 8 cue points are used for a track.

Just loaded a track, set 8 cue points … nothing happened in the packed column, the mystery continues.

Ok. Solved … seems my first guess was right. If you drag a track/crate from collection to your device, the dot appears. Guess the logic behind this is that if you are packing a crate over the course of a few sessions, you can see what you already packed? Next question that arises is, how can you make the dot disappear, so you can start with a clean list for your next gig …

The packed dot is only to show what tracks are on your device (USB/HD) as in packed to that device. To remove the dot simply remove the track from your device collection.


Great. We can move on and worry about other stuff now LOL