What are you guys eyeing for Black Friday?

I see flyers for new and used gear on sale this weekend so I thought I’d throw this out there too see what you guys are or would pick up if the price is right.

I see an akai I amx for $100cad that I will get if it’s still there. I really want it cause it works with my iPhone, Traktor and serato.

Also I desperately need a 2 CH mixer. I saw an Allen & Heath zone 23 for $150 and a few djm 450s for $399 cad

I only need little additions for now.

In the UK black Friday is just a con. More than 80 per cent of the discounts are available at other times and its just an excuse for suppliers to clear out junk.

Personally I just ignore it.

That’s true but consider that “others times” might require you to wait 360 days of the year where as you can wait for it to come to you all in one weekend.

That’s true too also but one man’s junk could be another man’s treasure.

You sure there isn’t anything that would get if the price is right? :smiling_imp:

Edit: Got the akai amx for $115 cad incld. extended warranty.

Dowloaded Serato plugged the amx and sc5000M and it all works. NICE!

New iPhone and usb sticks next.