Volume goes up when I switch FX on. Echo

I have both the Prime 4 and Prime 2. I noticed something very strange on the Prime 2. When I switch the echo on in the FX the volume suddenly goes up a notch on the channel concerned. I have not noticed this on the 4 it is so much smoother and I have not noticed this issue. Has anyone else noticed this?

Yes I noticed this yesterday too, I think its a bug

Is there a complain too also saying use the Fx make the volume go DOWN? That he very opposites side of the complain you say?

Both can be happen, so I’m saying no ones is wrong but if both happen maybe there is a side common factor

I have noticed others were have a similar issue with the Prime 4. With the volume fluctuating with the FX obviously Denon has dealt with this bug. Is this a similar issue they are having with the Prime 2 and will this be resolved soon?

Happens to me too. The Track volume gets higher whenever I apply FX. This has never happened with any other DJ equipment I’ve used before.

I have had that happened on the X1850 Mixer. The sound should not change.

Denon are obviously aware of these issues. What is the procedure to contact Denon in order to resolve the issue? A shame really because the unit is let down by this problem

Same volume increase happens on my Prime 2, not just with echo but also hall and delay. The only effect to lower the volume is crush. It sounds as though the effect is adding to the base volume of the track. The higher the wetness, the higher the volume. It makes most of the effects unusable.

You just have to ride the channel fader while being gong the effect in or fading the effect out, until or unless they adjust it in some future firmware release in years to come