Virtual DJ V8.2 b3798 & Denon Mc7000 Crashed twice

my current setup up laptop windows 7, intel core i7, 16mb of ram & 2TB SSD hard drive. two denon SC3900’s and American Audio mixer 14MXR been djing with this well over 5 years no problems. just got my brand new Denon Mc7000 tuesday 8-1-17 and tonight ive been testing & practicing (i have a wedding to dj sat) and want to take my new unit… but while mixing & stuff i lost all sound lights are still going around the platters, jog wheels on the skin are still moving & tyme remain/ elapsed is still counting down… but no sound coming out of my speaker… all lever meters are showing music signal but not even sound out of my headphones… so i closed out VDJ and rebooted it and picked a song and bam back to normal… now im scared to dj with it sat cant have music just cut out at a wedding… please advise thanx

Identical problem with Traktor Time to time i experience audio dropds . Please help.

I would look and say the issue is with VDJ and so you should raise it direct with them and not denon. the MC7000 is a certified Serato DJ controller and although VDJ (and the NI community with Traktor) Denon themselves have not said it is an official product for anything other than Serato DJ.

Out of interest have you tried it with Serato DJ, after all it comes with the product along with all the extra plugins.

Try adjusting the audio latency in the Denon ASIO control panel. Also check the “ultra latency” setting in VDJ and make sure it’s turned off as that can cause issues.

It’s not crashing as such, just losing the audio signal and that’s generally an issue with either the sound drivers or latency settings.

i hate serato with a passion lol & will never go back to it ever