Virtual DJ 2021

Hello all,

Now that Virtual DJ 2021 is released, I’m more curious than ever if the program will support the Denon 5000’s/6000’s.

If you haven’t looked into this new update, it allows you to instantly strip the acapellas, instruments, hihat, kick, and bass from any track. While I have only looked at reviews and not actually tested this myself, it looks promising. Even using third-party programs and Ableton to extract the acapellas myself, it doesn’t always sound as good as this feature offers (from what I’ve seen in the VDJ update reviews).

Anyone have thoughts on this update? It seems if this feature has any sort of consistent accuracy - despite being in the early phase of release - it is a massive game changer. How will other software’s respond…could Denon implement anything like this to their hardware?


There are several same threads already started about the same thing

Typing ‘VDJ 2021’ and ‘Virtual DJ’ in the Denon search bar brings up nothing related to this most recent update.

I´ve made a feature request about the functionality integrated in to the Prime series…if possible:

I remember starting my DJ career 8 years ago on Virtual DJ 7 with a cheap controller. The software has gone a long way for sure :slight_smile:

If stem will take big processor power I think that many lots of VDJ user with middle or low good laptops will have performance washed down to latency distorts and may be crash if they risk the stems.

I’m gonna test it on my GPD pocket (Intel atom processor) and see what happens. Will let you know.

On my i9 Macbook Pro 16" running Windows 10 its lightning fast, not any worse than loading a file before… and I only play video files.

Virtual DJ my gosh it has been years since I used it but i first learned the basics of Djing with it so for that I will have a soft spot for it, however cant see me using it with Denon Hardware kind of defeats the point.

VDJ 7, at least, has better sound than current Prime firmware, and all VDJ versions tend to be pretty amazing for sorting and searching tracks while DJing compared to Prime. I’d see VDJ as a nice alternative method of building a special set list for Prime, not to mention an illustration of the potential sound improvements possible on Prime.

It’s a shame Denon chose not to include import from VDJ in Engine Prime. Maybe they’ll add it once support for the Prime units in VDJ is native…