View button

My P4 is relatively new but right from new I noticed that the View button seemed slightly sloped and less solidly set compared to the other similar buttons of the same size. Is this normal/standard? I ask because it’s a button that’s used quite regularly but I have less confidence in its robustness than any other button on the unit. It’s probably fine but just interested to know whether this is the same on other units.

More generally, is it likely that the actual hardware on these units changes over time? I mean in terms of components used and similar. I have assumed not but I’ve seen posts about the MCX8000 and screen freezing issues where the posts suggested this was fixed in later units. When I received my P4 the box had a very low consignment number on it (not sure if that actually means anything) which made me wonder about this and whether hardware issues are potentially addressed over time as well. I’d previously assumed not except perhaps for serious flaws.

That said, I’ve had no problems to date and the unit is great. Just a bit worried about how sturdy the View button seems. Is there another way to navigate without the View button (e.g. via the touch screen)?

For some things yes, for some things not (yet).

  • Toggle between performance view and library view can be done by on-screen touchscreen button Library.

  • Menu cannot yet be accessed without the button. I hope this will be possible one day by swipe down top menu. So currently Preferences and Utility are not yet available without the View button, except Wi-Fi that is also accessible trough Source menu

  • Record (from menu) can be accessed by swipe down mini menu and press Record

  • Source (from menu) can be accessed by key combination Shift + Eject. Alternatively you can use the quick source menu Top left icon on the touch screen.

  • Shift + View changes performance view between horizontal and vertical and there is no alternative way. I hope they will add this in Utility one day.

Thanks - that helps. What’s the general view on the quality of the View button? Does this sound like an issue with my unit or is It the same on all units? To be clear, it hasn’t failed yet - it’s just that for one of the most used buttons it seems the least solid (e.g. compared to the similar buttons for FX, loop In/Out, edit grid parameters etc.).

what you mean with least solid ? - Is it jiggling or is it not clicking … ?

The view button of my P4 feels just as any other button on the prime. It sits tight, and there is a click if you press it.

Yes, exactly that. More movement and like it’s not sitting squarely in its space. It works fine but it doesn’t have the same solid feel as the other similar buttons - which is a (minor) concern given its importance. It also feels like it slopes forward slightly.

mine also folded after only a month! assistance in Italy asked me for 50 euros to replace it because it says that the breakage of the plastic is not covered by the warranty! I was about to send it but then the case of an emergency happened! I’m talking about Febraio! and then slowly with a small screwdriver I put it back in place! and now I squash it slowly and carefully! however it is the most fragile key even in my opinion!

Thank for the comments. Yes, that’s my concern (i.e. that it won’t last). I’ve compared it to the other buttons again and I’d say the nearest in size are the Sweep FX buttons and they seem a lot more solid. The View button has significantly more movement and just seems fragile compared to any other button on my unit. Not sure why they didn’t make it bigger and more like the four buttons above it - especially given its purpose.

Not great that’s it’s not covered by warranty either. I understand that for wear and tear but this was as it is now when I received my P4.

Mine also has a problem. It is bending on the right, and is not “sitting” flat as before. I don’t know what to do to get it right in place. For now, l take care of pressing more on the left, afraid of seing it falling inside the P4 :fearful:

I brought it back to its original position with a small slotted screwdriver! mine was hanging on the right too! now and straight! but every time I press it I do it with caution!