Video: Engine Prime - Nested Folders & Easter Eggs?

So many things I wish to talk about in regards to Engine Prime but I’m going to try to focus on 2-3 basic questions. Not sure if this is an intentional Easter egg, but I noticed if I rename a crate which is the same name as 1 of my Serato crates all of the nested folders/subcrates are automatically included/created. No tracks were populate inside of them, BUT still saving massive hours of time if you’re manually making crates based on your Serato crates. I’m still learning the platform & I believe you can drag & drop your crates/playlists as well. You have to be specific on where you drag from in order to gain the functionality of retaining cue points & loops. Dragging & dropping from iTunes (your actual player NOT the iTunes update tab within Engine Prime) , Serato Update Tab, the Serato program itself, or finder should help populate those tags. If anyone wants to chime in on what I’m experiencing that would be great. Maybe there’s a way to populate tracks & analyze inside of them as well. Will they populate if you drag a master crate/folder (with nested crates /folders inside of them)? 04 AM - Here’s a video to the specific instance I’m trying to further understand how and why it’s happening:

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Hi @dominiccarter - hows this working for you now; with a newer version of Engine Prime etc ?