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Will this ever happen or am I peeing into the wind by asking? Will this mean I will have to start using Serato so that I can use my Prime 4? I know it’s about ditching the laptop and just using it as standalone but unfortunately, there are limitations with engine which are known about and feel it is a massive let down compared to the hardware.

I would even pay for a new “Prime 4 edition” of VDJ with Denon DJ taking their cut.

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First, let’s look at the nature of the beast, because that’s what Prime 4 is - a hardware beast, ment to perform on its own, without the need of an additional computer, but offering additional functionality as a controller too. Denon DJ has a long term commitment with Serato and that means that support for other software platforms requires some diplomacy behind closed doors. Maybe support for other software platforms, like Virtual DJ, will come in the feature or not, but that is up to Denon DJ and third-parties to decide. For the moment, Denon DJ commitment is to improve Engine Prime functionality and to refine the Prime series hardware functionality. So, at the moment, if you like Denon DJ Prime 4 features and feel comfortable with it for what it is, you can enjoy it very much and adapt to the way this hardware works. If, on the other hand, you feel that working with Virtual DJ is essential for you, maybe it is better to look at other alternatives.


But the point here is that Atomix say the screen SDK doesn’t work properly. This has been reported to Denon months ago and not fixed it seems.

At no point have Atomix been told they can’t support the controller fully. If it was meant for Serato only then there wouldn’t have been a SDK released in the first place.

I guess it’s just another casualty of Denon’s extremely slow software programming.

Bottom line is that Engine Prime and the software on the machine itself doesn’t come close to the functionality of VDJ. It saved the MCX8000 for many users and may do the same with the Prime 4. There is absolutely no way I would buy it in its current state for standalone only

Taking into account what’s happened lately with new updates released for Prime series, I would say to give Denon DJ the benefit of the doubt and not attribute the lack of Virtual DJ support to slow programming, although good software development and testing requires time, but to the fact that Denon DJ set itself some priorities and listened to the users feedback also.

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I get what you’re saying, but the fact that the SDK didn’t even work in the first place is pretty poor.

The software doesn’t even come close to Serato either. Yes, the Prime 4 is a beast of a machine along with the Prime series. As much as Denon would love to have this working as standalone and that only, Denon would sell many more units with supported software programs. TBH, I could not imagine going on the road without a laptop, even if it was only for back up purposes, you just never know?!

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I can only think that no one in the Denon dev team is actually a working DJ as in my experience I could not work with this live.

I’ve seen it all. Vinyl, minidisc, DAT, VHS, compact casette.

I sometimes long for days of vinyl, if it went round, you knew you could play it. Just needed a few spare styluses.

Why long for those days instead of enjoying it further? There is nothing stopping us from playing records on turntables. We don’t have to worry about software updates, incompatibilities or lack of support. Just the turntables, the mixer, the records and our ears and hands doing the “magic”.

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when will use with Virtual dj 2020, I despair.

denon would it cost us? to our requests?

for such an expensive device

As other people already said - Denon has at no point said that VDJ was supported… Its costs some bucks yes, but its not a expensive piece of kit, having in mind what you get. The moment things gets expensive, is when people buy without checking compability with other software and they have to start over with their library.

during my purchase the seller told me yes, and I found a tutorial that said it was operational. hope now that it becomes, because the more I search the more there are people who want it to be VirtualDj compatible, thank you for your answers

Pls, if you have a pro license there is a mapper at Virtual DJ and it works for P4 as controller but the screens is not functional. Yes they work with Serato but you can’t operate the screen in Computer mode. So for me it’s simple, it’s a standalone player that will work best in standalone mode and why do you spend $1799 if you use it as controller connected to a computer?


The need for a laptop is very simple for many (I am in the same situation) many of us work in events where videos are put so we need a pc to play them with programs such as virtual dj (the one of serato seems pessimistic and it consumes many resources of the pc), in my case we use the mcx8000 because it has a feature that the prime family does not have (at least as far as I know) and that it is very useful for me and it is to be able to use the autonomous and serato or virtual DJ mode Simultaneously what allows us in events where we use videos to change dj without stopping the music when changing laptop since it can start playing a track on one of the channels that is in autonomous mode while we project an animation with other equipment intended for that and so the transition from one dj to another changing laptop is super easy, we also have events where this is not necessary and the autonomous mode is more than enough, it seems to me to ask something like why do you spend $ 1799 if you use it as controller connected to a computer? is not to recognize that there are different types of dj with different needs because if this were not the case there was only one controller model, I take this opportunity to suggest that a function like the one mentioned by the prime family or some new controller similar to the mcx8000 (without the problem of the screens or the configuration in mirror) although some believe that it is not necessary to have dj for which the mcx8000 is more than enough or is simply more suitable for your tastes or preferences



Guessing still no news on full support for VDJ with the Prime 4?

VDJ native support is now here!

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