V1.2.2 Firmware update for SC5000 Prime

New v1.2.2 Firmware available now for SC5000 Prime

Fixes issue that has affected a very limited number of SC5000 units found during update to v1.2.1.

Download v1.2.2 firmware now via: https://denondj.com/sc5000prime


Thanks Paul.

Just out of interest, what was special about the units that were affected (mine was one of them)? I’m intrigued to know what it was that caused the issue.

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Just upgraded to 1.2.2. All working good. No issues with SC5000 or compatibility with x1800 so far.

Thank you!

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After the 1.2.2 update, I am still having playhead issues on the center display. Only now, they are worse.

The playhead freezes if I engage slicer mode then remains not working correctly until the unit is restarted.

The playhead also freezes when using the censor button.

So I updated my players to 1.2.2 and everything seemed fine but last night was a nightmare.
About an hour in the players started glitching and stuttering. It was happening worse on one than the other but it was effecting both. I disconnected them from each other and changed sources but nothing worked. Please is there a fix for this or a way to roll back to 1.2 as the players are unusable in this state

So many other people are saying that the new firmware is great that id reckon your issues are something in your setup only. Wire check, hard drive integrity, poor venue earth, all that jazz.

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Tonight I had some random issues come up. After about two hours of use there were slight glitches in the display as well as the track load button (the push encoder) wouldn’t load tracks. I was able to swipe and load without issue, however.


Definitely not a cable issue as the tracks were stuttering and glitching and it was happening on both players using different sources so unless something happened when they were connected to my lap top with prime I can rule out hard drive problems

Thanks for the FW update it solved some problems.

But I have found some new problems:

  1. Reboots, never had that problem before. Now it has rebooted 3 times in a week. None on a gig.
  2. Center display is very slow in update when loading new track.
  3. Center display lagging in rotating ring.
  4. Center display freeze. (see video)

Center display freeze

Hi Eric

Thanks for bringing this to our attention,. Our development team was aware of some players having a few second’s of centre wheel screen lock ups, but not permanent lock-ups. This appears to relate to certain specific circumstances when a track has artwork plus censor, reverse or slicer are engaged. For the moment, perhaps try using the ‘logo.png’ method of placing a permanent fixed artwork across the players (your own logo etc) and see if that helps?

In the meantime, the Dev team have already addressed the issue and a fix will be delivered in the next fw update.

Best, Paul


I am also having issues loading track via the push encoder. It doesn’t happen with every track, but is a noticeable issue. Swiping to load works every time… but it def stresses me out when the push encoder doesn’t work, I’ve been burnt by this player freezing too many times now.

I have also had the encoder and the swipe load not work on me multiple times. Thats about the only problem I have had.

guys … do as I do, if you are all right, do not rush to upgrade even if you want to do immediately … because then you may find new problems that you did not have before. So wait … wait before updating. I stay still at 1.2 which is fine and has solved that annoying problem with hotcues … I do not move from there before receiving positive feedback in new updates.

If everyone follows that advice, everyone will be waiting for everyone else to upgrade. Meaning no one upgrades, in turn, meaning that none of the hundreds of different ways that we all use our decks would get tested in real world situations.

In some situations “wait” is the right advice, but not everyone can go second.


This. You can always roll back updates.

Well sometimes. There have been an update or two where the database scteucture has been improved which meant the engine database library had to be modified one way but couldn’t be de-structures afterwards.

But you could always take a backup of the pre-restructured library to give you that rollback option, I suppose.

Denon staff

The 1.2.2 firmware has caused several random crashes on my players. I would like to roll back to the 1.2.0 firmware but i can not find it anymore on the website. Do you have a download link so i can roll back to a stable firmware build? Thanks.

There is a link in the 1.2.1 update thread I believe. Otherwise, I can send it to you once I get off work in a few hours.

you’re right too, but what I do not understand is that: there will be a development team, there are lots of BETA testers that they have to make updates and test them before sending them to the users … which then will eventually be corrected before releasing them. In theory it should be so, but I realize that the problems that can occur are infinite and each machine can present different ones. Anyway it should be good, return to the previous update to no longer have the new problem.

But with Denon you can?

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