Using Sc5000m Serato Pro

So I have the sc5000m and sc5000 and just learned I can’t use the 5000m because it needs update to use with serato, so was wondering when the next update is made available. Thanks


Just wondering if you have any updates on serato DJ support for the 5000M.

Will this be part of the imminent update?


The next update should arrive about 4-5 days from now.

10 days ago @JWiLL announced that around 2 weeks from that date, there should be updates for :

  • SC5000 v1.3.1
  • SC5000M v1.3.1
  • Engine Prime v1.3.1
  • X1800 v1.2

I dont know if there will be a Serato integration for the M’s in this round, but the next update should arrive at the end of this week.

It will be something if the Prime4 gets Serato support prior to the 5000M

Wouldn’t it be easier as the Prime 4 would replicate a SC5000 more than a M with a motor?

Maybe but the Twelves have spinning platter.

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