Using MC7000 controller as mixer for SC5000

I want to get into the standalone (no laptop) art of DJ’ing. Is it possible to connect SC series media players through line inputs into the MC7000 and use it standalone, regardless if the jog wheels become obsolete in doing this? Given that the MC7000 has line options for all channels, I assume any media player that can read music will send that data through line to be mixed, but I have no idea tbh. My main goal is to cut out the need for laptop but also practice club-like set-up.

Also if this is possible what other functions would I be missing out on if I were to use X series mixer for example, would I still be able to LAN connect players together? I have never used either hardware so all information is helpful,

Your MC7000 will only be the mixer, if I’m correct.

Players can be directly connected to each other to play media from either sources and yes they’re line to the mixer.

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