Using line inputs 3 and 4

How do I get line inputs 3 and 4 working?

I have rca connected to inputs on back and set to line, Button set to line 3 and 4

Still no audio, I must be missing something?

VDJ is working ok on lines 1 and 2

Do I need to change any settings in VDJ ?

Should lines 3 and 4 work when VDJ is good connected?



Hi @scubanut,

Happy to help!

Line inputs 3 and 4 can be used on channels 3 and 4 and will work even while VDJ is using channels 1 and 2. Here’s what to check:

  1. Make sure the input selection for channels 3 and 4 are set to “LN3” and “LN4”
  2. Check that the PHONO/LINE switch for inputs 3 and 4 are set accordingly. If connecting a phono source (i.e. a turntable) with this switch set to Line, your signal will be very low.
  3. Check that channel gain and faders are turned up and crossfader at the center.

Other than this, you may want to check that your source is properly sending a signal.

Hi, thanks for the reply,

  1. checked, set to Line 3 / 4
  2. checked, set to Line
  3. Checked, gain set etc

Do I need to check any settings in VDJ or should these inputs work independently? Also, do I need to change the USB switch?



You’ll need to provide more information about what you’re trying to do here. What is your source? Where do you want it to go?


All I am trying to do is to use my Iphone 6 (via the 3.5mm out) into Line 3 or 4 and output to Master.

This has worked previously on this unit which has recently been repaired and settings all returned to default.

I am also using VDJ 8.2 to control decks 1 and 2, but need Lines 3 and 4 as back up, either using my iphone or cd decks as I used to do.


Is the gain control rotated a long way around clockwise on each channel?

Is the volume up and not muted on the iPhone?

Is the crossfader assign and the crossfader position at a suitable place?


I will be setting the gear up again tomorrow night and will check all the settings again.

Thank you

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As I posted in another thread on the same topic:

There is a switch on the back of the unit. it is used to set what signal is sent to the USB output (i.e. your computer). Here’s what the manual says:

LN3/4 THRU TO PC output mode

Audio signals input to LINE3/4 are output directly to the PC without passing through the mixer of this unit. In this case, the audio signal is not output to the master audio even if the channel input source select knob is set to LN3/4.

So flip the switch to the Rec out/Mic setting for standalone use of line 3/4.

Hey Corey, how did you miss that switch? LOL

Many thanks for solving this problem for me, you are s star!

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