Using laptops directly with the SC5000

Hi all, Am i right in concluding that I can’t use my laptop the same way Rekorbox prolink and Traktor HID? I’m used to having my laptop connected to decks/controllers where i can see the full library using the laptop. I have a large library and would like to access the full library all the time and not have to use external HD or USB flash drives. Thank you in advance

You’re correct. One of the main selling points of the Prime system is that it’s capable of track analysis on the fly and is a robust enough system that linking it to a computer isn’t necessary.

That said, I’m quite confident that there will be support for this functionality in the very near future as it has been a feature requested by many users. There’s also a dedicated “PC” labeled CAT5 connection on the X1800, leading me to believe that linking to a laptop as a feature is inevitable.


Excellent, thank you f or the info. I will look into buying the kit soon :slight_smile:

Those are two different things, I have to add. You cannot use something like Rekordbox ProLink with Prime gear, that is correct. Only SC3900 & 2900 are able to use something like that with the older Engine 1.5.

You can however use something like Trakor HID and Rekordbox HID connection. But with SeratoDJ.

Instead of an external hard drive, you can opt out for the SDD whose transfer rate is fast and you can easily manage the library as well. check out for more detail

Hi peeps

Just wanted to know if there is any UPDATE on whether these decks will ever be PC link compatible, so you can use linked to a pc running engine prime, same as the older sc3900s did with original engine software? Although for club use the need not to rely on laptop makes great sense, for home studio or jamming purposes the classic PC link has some advantages. As the X1800 already has a TP link/switch hub built in and one link clearly says PC I assumed I would be able to have my new sc5000ms linked just as PC links to sc3900`s and x1600 mixer. Please Denon make changes to firmware and software to make this happen…

I hope to this being the long way forward.