Using in sunlight

I searched the forum, but didn’t find anything about this. Has anyone used a PRIME 4 in direct sunlight? I’m wondering how the screen works in the sun.

Hi @jedisinclair13 - The screen on the PRIME 4 is fully adjustable. So, if you find yourself in sunny area with screen glare, just adjust the angle of the display.

Makes sense. I guess I should have specified that I pre-ordered a PRIME 2 … not the 4 … so with that having a fixed screen, do you think it could be an issue?

It could be … in any case don’t use sunglasses with polarized lenses otherwise you will not see anything on the screen :wink:

With direct sunlight being a bit of an issue with any kind of gear (not only because of glare but also heat accumulation), shading your gear (I use a black - white didn’t give me the shade I needed - E-Z Up tent) is always a good way to go. If you don’t have one or it doesn;t fit the event, a big umbrella/parasol would do the trick as well.


hopefuly next version has an oled display… :wink:

100 times, yes. Buy a tent. That much sun isn’t good for you OR your equipment!

I appreciate the input. I really don’t want the extra hassle of setting up a tent, but I understand the practicality of it. I’m not worried about me so much as the equipment. I hydrate and use sunblock when needed. I might try to find something that I could put over the unit itself. And now, I’m on a new “path”. I am going to use the PRIME 2 for Receptions and I’m very seriously thinking about the PRIME GO for backup and for Ceremonies. Since it can run on battery for awhile, this could be ideal.