User Manual and FAQ now available!

Hey All,

Just a quick note to let you know we’ve uploaded two new Prime 4 documents. Enjoy!

Prime 4 User Guide

Prime 4 FAQ


@JWiLL Thanks! Few quick questions:

  • Guide doesn’t mention ƒUSB computer keyboard support (searching for songs, artists). This was mentioned in earlier video’s. Has this functionality been removed, prosponed or not mentioned in the guide?
  • Are smartphones or tablets connected via USB recognized and supported as a source (USB Storage)?
  • Are multiple partitions on a drive supported? Each partition that contains a supported file system will show up as a separate library/source?
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Hey @addie,

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll have the team add those questions to the FAQ. :slight_smile:

Can I use a USB keyboard with Prime 4?

Yes, Prime 4 supports USB keyboards on any of the 4 available USB ports. The USB keyboard can be used as an alternative to the onscreen keyboard for a more tactile searching experience. You can also use the keyboard shortcut “ctrl + F” to immediately place the cursor in the search field and begin searching.

Does Prime 4 interface and playback media stored on smartphones or tablets when connected via USB?

No, not at this time.

Are multiple partitions on a drive supported?

Still doing a bit of investigation on this one. It may work but it’s nothing we would officially support.

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Ctrl+f is indeed immediate search. As is on every Prime. F1 will load the track on an SC; don’t know it on a Prime4 yet.

Wait wut? :wink:

Utility > Device info:

  • Prime4 Left Display: This is the current version of the Prime 4 left display software.
  • Prime4 Right Display: This is the current version of the Prime 4 right display software.

Multiple partitions on the internal drive would be a very good feature and probably not that hard to implement if it doesn’t work already, its perfect if 2 or more regular users use the Prime 4 :slight_smile:

keyboard can be used as an alternative…

Please tell me that when using an external KB the internal touch screen one is disabled. If it’s not needed on screen (blocking the GUI) then it shouldn’t pop up.

The screen space is limited enough as it is, with everything sized up for use with fingers. It would be nice to have an alternative screen layout when a KB is connected. Smaller text etc. so more tracks can be shown at once.

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I agree! Unfortunately, this is not the behavior in the first public release v1.3.1 but this would make a great feature request and something I’m sure many users would want. When possible, please jump over to the new Prime 4 Feature Request area, and submit a request for that. Thanks!

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@JWiLL were you able to find out the physical drive size (meaning thickness) limit for the internal 2.5 SATA drive - in a previous thread you said that 15mm drives won’t fit, so can you confirm what is the maximum thickness allowed?

Hey @fabriknos,

The bay will accommodate drives 12mm and thinner.